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New Sponsor- The Lawn Biz Coach (Fusion Business Development)

Hello everyone. Look for a new podcast to be posted soon. This is the first edition of what will be a twice monthly podcast.

I know many of you have marketing and adding new clients on your mind this year. I would invite you to take a few minutes and listen before you decide where and how to best spend your marketing dollars.

A Brief Bio...

I have been in the lawn care industry for more than 20 years. I
currently work with business owners to help them improve their business-it
is my passion and I love seeing the success that comes when entrepreneurs get serious about growing their business.

The lawn care industry continues to be a great place to grow a profitable company. The owner faces many challenges during the growth stages of the business that stem from trying to run the day to day operations while also needing to pay close attention to marketing , sales, human resources, finances, and many other challenges as well.

The greatest athletes in the world would not even attempt to rise to the top
of their sport without the ongoing help of a coach. This is exactly what I
do with business owners. Together, we evaluate your current business
situation and identify the areas you want to work on. Then , we create
specific steps to reach your goals.

The result is a renewed passion for your business, increased sales, more
time for the things that really matter to you and much more. There are multiple programs available for every budget.

The quickest growth comes from a one-on-one coaching relationship over time. I also offer a full day on-site evaluation which gives you insight and perspective that you do not get from those around you.

In March, I will also begin an 8-week Business Boot Camp where we will meet as a group by phone for about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours each week. We will cover many crucial areas of running your business including:

  • Leadership-Mission and Goals
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Hiring and Keeping Employees
  • Financial Statements

There will be time on the calls for interaction with one another as well and the participants will also receive a complimentary one-hour individual coaching session to evaluate things specific to their own business.

There will only be 8 participants per class and again, the next starts mid-March. Please contact me today if you are interested and I will give you all of the specifics.

Please take a look at my website at www.lawnbizcoach.com and sign up for our email list on the front page to receive regular business tips. Call or email today and let's see if this would be a good fit for you and your business. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Scott Pearce

Az Gardener

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Phoenix, Az
So 20 years in the industry is kind of vague. Can you give us some details about your experience? Install or maint, commercial or residential, owner or employee, is all your experience in NC, you know some details.

I understand it doesn't make much difference as it pertains to coaching, business is business. You are on a green industry forum so I might as well help you get the info out there because others will be asking.

How much for the group thing next month. I have been working with an e myth coach for several years so I have things dialed in pretty good but always looking for improvement. I enjoy chewing the fat with other contractors especially when they are not in my backyard.

Welcome to lawnsite.


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I included my website link where there is a more detailed background as I didn't want to give more details than people wanted at this point.... Please feel free to send me an email and I would be glad to talk with you some more about the 8 week series and give you specific details and costs.

If you have been working with a good coach for years, it may not be as attractive for you but you are certainly welcome to join us.

Thanks for the welcome to Lawnsite!


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A little more....As for a few specifics not listed on my website...I was a Sales Manager for a mid-sized company for several years that did lawn, shrub, and indoor pest control. I owned a company for 11 years that provided lawn maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, and lawn and shrub spraying as well as indoor pest control. These were both in Central Florida and provided service to commercial and residential clients. I also was in an Operations Management role at a national chemical lawn care company.

As you mentioned though, business coaching is applicable to any business and I work with several types but enjoy my work in our industry the most.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone.