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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mowtivations lawncare, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. sildoc

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    This is true mostly but after you scrub your accounts and get rid of the low end clients and are well above the going rate there is not much you can do.

    there are only so many larger properties in our area. Most are ticky tacky in out 10 min.

    MUDFLAP LawnSite Member
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    Curious as to how other solo operators handle the possibility of an illness, or injury, or some other situation that might arise that could take you out for a week or 2, do you have family or friends etc that know your routes, and equipment,and can hold down the fort. or do you just hope for the best, and hope your customers will be understanding ( NOT )

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    Or maybe you just dont want to think about that, i know i would be in trouble. LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, had 1 pushable snow here in the dayton area already this year, might be a good one. i should unhook my plow, and set it in the barn, that always makes it snow lol
  4. sildoc

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    Snow??? No one here does snow, however we now have 2" on the ground and still snowing. Nice little cold front coming through. Good thing I was not wanting to go to work today. Have some shrubs and trees that need trimming.
  5. Coinshooter

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    I will be starting this year solo. although for some of my marketing I will bring on someone who has worked for me in the pizza world to help every once in awhile.

    MUDFLAP LawnSite Member
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    Well- if trying to keep your 12 yr old truck running dosnt keep you busy, mowing with the ECHO will.

    MUDFLAP LawnSite Member
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    LOL - sorry
  8. JTHutch

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    I just went out of business to become the hort and forestry supervisor for the city, but I started out solo for about 3 years. Then I needed the help so added 1 guy. That worked out pretty well. He was dependable and worked hard. But last year I had a large landscape poject and needed several hands. This was a disaster. I couldn't find anyone worth hiring and the ones I did hire cost me more than they made me. After this year I was going to go back to solo and reduce my clients to the ones that I liked and fit into the routes the best. I tryed to have the 1 guy who I had for 3 years run my mowing crew but he just didn't have the customer relations part of the business down. Any way the city offered me this job out of the blue and I was pretty stressed that week so I took it. So far it sucks! We had an ice storm and I'm in charge of a cleaning up all the debis and all my crew has taken vacation!!!! a
  9. mowtivations lawncare

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    yeah i'm solo right now and i also work a full time job so being solo isnt so bad right now. i dont want to take on more than i can handle though and dont really trust hiring anyone for fear of them either stealing clients or making me look bad due to subpar work.

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