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Hi Everyone, I have been on the site about a month and love it! This is my first post. I am starting a new business here in TX (Hey Y'all). I relocated here about a year ago from CA (God Bless TX!). I have purchased most of my equipment by recommendations on here. I will be doing lawn care and tractor work (Brush Hog, post holes etc.) My last piece of equipment and probably the most important will be a zero turn. I am going to purchase used to help on the budget. I am looking at a 07 Husqvarna 55" commercial and a Toro 48" commercial. We are in the Dallas area so there is pretty good support on most anything. As far as advertising I am looking at leads groups, door hangers and signs (for the tractor work). My wife has been is Sales for many years so she will be doing the marketing. I work 3 full days which is full time at my other job and will have 4 days a week for this. Please offer any advice on brush hog accounts, zero turns and advertising. We appreciate it!!!


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I wouldn’t buy a 55 inch mower. They are extremely uncommon. If something breaks and you need to buy a new one or lease your work out the mower stripes will not line up. As a result the lawn will look horrible. One of the most common sizes is the 60 or 61 inch mower. Shop creigslist and you will find something at a good price.

Go door to door…this is cheap and the most effective way to advertising.

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