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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by dbrown5022685, Jan 22, 2012.

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    i have been doing this for about 2 years now... i just kind of fell into this business as it started just something for extra money.. now that im ready to add another crew im really want to take this serious and to the next level. my main question is about pricing on landscaping? on my mowing i stick to the $1 per min im there and quote it from there. can you guys with way more know how help out. id like to know what you charge per service (labor not material):
    i live near SC,NC and Georgia are if that helps on location

    mulch per: yrd
    pine straw: yrd or per bail
    walkways/ faver: square feet
    fertilizer: square feet/ acre
    drain lines: per foot
    shrub trimming/small tree: by hour?
    core aeration: square foot/ acre
    design work: by hour?
    installation: small plants, shurbs, small trees?
    sod: per pallet
    top soil for sod: squars foot or per yard

    and anything else you may think that will help me in growing. i have a price for most of these but are adding a few just want to see what you guys are charging. thanks for the help!
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    You have a PM!
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    i have pm u to
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    i would like to know too what everyone is charging on his 8 to 10 item list.
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    This is around what we charge... we are a higher end company and because of that charge more then your run n gun companies....BUT our customers are always returning back to us

    cost per hour will be different for different companies depending on efficiency and overhead but in general this is around what we charge

    All of these include materials

    Mulch-74-116$ per yard spread
    Pavers- 14-25$ sf
    drain lines- 13$ installed
    For shrub trimming it really depends on size of tree, we charge by how long we think it will take and charge by an hour- around 50$/hr
    soil-100$ yd spread
    sod-10$ 1.5yd
    Installation- usually charge a % increase from retail then double it for installation

    DESIGN- i HIGHLY recommend hiring a professional who has 2 or 4 year degree in design or horticulture, even if it is part time. I am personally a 4 year hort major with a design emphasis and see far too many landscapes very poorly designed (no flow, poor plant choice, too few plants etc...) that end up looking cluttered and overall sickly looking. For design fees we charge anywhere from 200$-600$, if the customer decides to have us install it, that amount is discounted from the total bill

    hope that helps
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    Experience will tell you how much to charge. If you are new and have been doing this for a couple years you should start to know on what you should charge on certain things. Get your feet wet and decide what you would like to make on the job after the materials are paid for. Getting your feet wet and pricing jobs yourself especially if you lose your ass on a job will help you learn really fast on how to bid the next job.

    LawnXperts St. Cloud, MN

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