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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Raking-It-In, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Raking-It-In

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    Hey guys just wanna start off with saying this is a great site. This is my first year going into business for my self. I will be cutting part time untill the business hopefully takes off !. I worked a few seasons working for a landscaper and ill just say its better owning your own landscping businees then it is working for one ! I have 24 accounts so far and its seems to be getting bigger ..... I became legit so i dont have any issues. thats the last thing i need with a new business..... like i dont have enough stress all i need is someone ratting on me.. for not having all my permits in order! I just have a quick question for you guys that alot of weekly accounts. What kind of computer programs, if you are using one are you using to help manage all your accounts, billing,and which house you cut on what days (like a checklist of what house are cut allready).. Any help will appreciated. I have more questions but i dont wanna over do it on my first post ! thanks again guys, and looking forward to hanging around for a while !:)
  2. mikeylikesit5805

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    i only have about 20 accounts, but i use an excel spreadsheet and that works fine for me. I have also used quickbooks. But i found excel was free and it worked.
  3. ALC-GregH

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    Do any of you guys use a weekly planner? I was at Staples yesterday and thought it would be easy to maintain. It has the hours listed for each day. It would require hand writing everything in but would allow you to have the time and date your scheduled to be at the clients home. You'd have to write it in each week though. It would be something to carry with you to know your schedule each day and allow you to add more customers if you get a call while on the road or if you get a call and they want you to do a estimate, you can swing by and take care of it. This will allow you to not have a pile of notes every time you go to do your route. Just simply look at the schedule. You would also know if you can fit them into the schedule on any given day.
  4. Big C

    Big C LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yeah..i use a weekly planner, although you have to handwrite everything that is ok with thing i am learning is "to keep things as simple as you can for as long as you can".
  5. ALC-GregH

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    thats what I plan on using as well. It seems like it would be alot easier then typing everything on the PC each day. Maybe if you print your schedule each day from your PC you'll get the same thing. Only difference is, you'll waste paper each day having to print it out rather then write it down.
  6. flhntr

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    i use lawn pro it works great for me
  7. Raking-It-In

    Raking-It-In LawnSite Member
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    LAWN PRO ? details or can you tell me where to get it ?
  8. LawnCare_EMT

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    The daily planners work great because it breaks the time down every 15 min for 12 hours. I used Lawn Pro for a year and it worked really well but I prefer the planner for day to day operations and Excel to keep records.
  9. MJS

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    I use Easy Cash Manager for incomes/expenses side of the business, and Excel for schedluing/long term records.
  10. thegreensideup

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    Lawn Pro would be way better than a daily planner IMO. Once you add all of your customers with their price, you can print a list every day called, who to mow today.

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