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    I joined this great forum a few weeks ago & have been doing a lot of reading & taking in some great advise on equipment since I was in the market for a few pieces. Since then, I have purchased a trimmer & a blower based on info I received from the forum. I'm located in Orange County, CA. I work as an independent contractor for a company that offers yard care services for Bank REO's. Yards get cut roughly every 10 days & we also do janitorial service on the inside of properties every 30 days. This is a part time job where we average around 30-35 homes a week. Lots average around 6000SF, so these are not big yards. I run the business, my son works the field along with one other worker. I work the field maybe 25-30% of the time.

    Thanks to all for making this an awesome & useful forum!


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