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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ambersLawnmowing, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I want to drop off some bids at some places that i drive by all the time. They have lawn care now but it is with a company that is going down hill fast, It is for sale. Anyway i want to give them a price but here is the thing i don't have that many comm. accounts but the few that i have kinda landed in my lap. I don't normally do contracts due to being screwed by a non-paying customer. Long story, He didn't pay so i didn't mow he sued me for breach of contract and i paid for the people he hired to mow his lawn for the rest of the summer. Now back to this what type of estimate sheets would i have to print up to have it look professional and legit? do i put the price PER mow or bid for the whole year? What is the most common? If any one is willing to email me a proposal form that they use i would really like to see it. I hate this part of it all.. I can do the work on there land but i have to take all this time to do the damn paper trail.. if you email me with idea's here you go I need a lawn that will take more then an Hour to mow for a change, I am so sick of loading and unloading every 30 Min's. these accounts are the big ones that pay nicely, so i need my ducks in a row.. Thanks to those that can help me
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    It may be a matter of dropping a business card off for one of the managers. I normally do this and talk to the building manager or bid manager and ask to be put on the bid list.

    1 key item to draw some early points is to find out how they like their current service, and what the would lke to change about it. Depending on these answers, you may be able to help yourself by drawling up a more customized proposal.
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    Two points.
    First. Before going in cold try to find out who makes the decision, not their assistant or flunky. Then talk to that person. Discuss with them the currant quality of work, proximity to your shop, or whatever. NOT PRICE, if all your selling is price then the next guy off the street with a low price will take the job. You need to find out their level of satisfaction, then if and when they will bid out the job. The customer let you know how it should be bid. On big jobs I will follow a pattern but the actual proposal will be set up to highlight and address the customers specific needs or concerns. If all the client is interested in is price it won't matter. But a for a customer who is or has had problems it makes my bid jump out at them. If you want to change their contract terms you will need to show a benefit (to them) in doing so.

    Second point.
    Don't turn your nose up at small job's in favor of big one's. It's a lot easer to replace a $30 account than a $300. Also keep in mind you're looking at these big jobs along with every other pickup with a mower out on the road. Normally the profit margin's are lower on bigger properties just because of all the competition.
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    What a great post. ^
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    How could you get hosed for breach of contract for not cutting due to non payment? They started the breach by not paying. Did you have a clause that you would not cut if they did not pay by a certain date??
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    I got taken by this guy big time. Thats where i was kinda stupid when i just stopped mowing, judge said that if i would have tried harder to collect the money and been nicer (yeah that's right i wasnt nice LOL) that he would have thrown out the case but because he was a prick judge and the guy i mowed for worked for the town = me losing. I didnt hire an atterny due to me walking into the room thinking i had already won.. i contacted an atterny after i lost, to look over my contract, he stated that i needed fine print to state what the collection process was going to be and that i could stop service at time of non-payment. So i did away with contract's all together. I do alot of yards but most contact is done via email's so i have it all in writing.

    As for how to get work that i see being done already but it is not quality work at all. I know afew people that work at the place but they just work there not management, they tell me that the guy's are smoking while they mow and they have already started a fire from flicking the cig on a drum of flamable stuff. There mowers break down and they sit in the yard, I have seen one there as long as 2 days in the middle broke down??? how does that make you money??? also they charge extra $ to weed trim??

    I want to do contracts but i also want to able to get out of it for any reason such as, Health, selling, doing something else, or non-payment.

    I will do rez's all day long but i live in a tri county ish area and none of the people will work with me to get on a normal route. some want to be there when we mow and some want it mowed friday for there weekend and some are just bears to work with.. The public is not nice to work with when i am the one kissing ass so i can make a living.. But i love it and can think of anything i want more..

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