New B Question about plows & SIMA


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Elgin IL
First I would like to say nice board, I enjoyed reading some of the postings, and they helped me with many of my questions.
This will be my first time plowing I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab 4x4 I know a 2500 would have been better for plowing too late to change it now so I will have to deal with it. I have done some research on plows and found that Snow-Way really is the only mfg that makes a plow suited for my truck, the quad cab adds a lot of weight to the front axle. I am looking at the Snow-Way # 2590 with the Lexon board the 2590 is the commercial grade plow and it comes with the down force unit. Do you have any input on the Snow-Way is it a quality plow? Will it hold up as well as Meyer, Western, Fisher and Boss? I like the lexon board for a few reasons. The obvious being painting and rust, I just hope it will take the same abuse as a steel board. I plan on being very cautious at first…. with a $ 30,000 truck and $ 3,000 for the plow I don’t want to break anything before I made a little money with it. I want to do some residential driveways and some small lots I will probably try contacting someone that will sub-contract me on some small jobs guess I could start with some landscaping companies, I haven’t seen any ads looking for drivers with plows… Oh by the way I am in Elgin, IL If anyone needs me to help them out :D
My next question is about SIMA how do I sighn up? And where do I get some more info on it.
Thank you Dave


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Sounds like a nice truck. We are located about 80 miles west of you. Forget the sub-contract thing and get your own accounts. As you do a good job, you'll get more customers. Word of mouth advertising is the best. SIMA is located at I don't belong but probably should and will. Good luck.

Deere John

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It does sound like a nice truck - keep an eye on it thought. I read last weekend that your truck model is amoung the 10 most stolen vehicles in North America. If you think a broken hose puts a hole in your day... Thieves don't care that you're only 1/2 way through your route.


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Did you go to Adam Ent. for the install? If you have a problem with it that to Rich Sr. he will make it right, they have treated me right every time been going there for 20 years.

SlimJim Z71

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Yes, Adams did the install. They left bolts loose on my plow mount, left the drive belt on the spreader loose, and my headlights are messed up. Sometimes the plow lights come on, sometimes the truck lights do.

I was there for about 5-hours on Wednesday... only for them to tell me that they couldn't find anything wrong. And yes... it has happened again.

Pam was really nice about everything, she did her best to get me in ASAP considering they were swamped. Rich Sr. huh? Maybe I'll give him a call.