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It's a boy! My wife gave birth to our first child last tuesday and came home from the hospital on monday this week. Trust me when I say that if you're planning on starting a family try to plan it so your wife gives birth in the offseason. I don't think I could work my usual 12 hr days in the hot sun after sleepless nights at home. Seems he's going to be a night-owl. He enjoys being wide awake from about 2am til 5am. How nice for mommy and daddy. But hey, it's worth it. Plus, another 16 years and I'll have a new employee.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>


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Hey congratulations!<p>16 years? I started commercial lawn care for my brothers company when I was 9. Ran a 48&quot; Bobcat walk-behind all summer when I was 11. They always stuck me outback of commercial sites where no customers could see me, but boy, my work was front-office quality. :)<p>(Quality work before Exmark? Is that possible?)


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Dave congrads,My little girl just had her 1st.B-day it is such a trill.give it a little time He will be sleeping though the night.To bad you just missed a deduction for 1999 taxes!!!ha ha.Best of luck to you and mama. JOHN

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Dave o.<br>Congrats !!!!<br>Thats great to hear.<br>I can't let my wife see this she will want one right now (not that she dosn't already).<p>Andy :)


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CONGRATULATIONS!!<br>We did not plan very well. TWINS in June 98. That was a long summer of little sleep.<br>Enjoy


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CONGRATS, I have a 3yr boy and a 2 yr girl, I started when I was 10 so Im only 7 yr away from employing them and 15 yr away from retirement LOL. Best of luck, he'll sleep allnight befor long. Jim


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Congrats, dont worry, I have two girls, 3 yrs and 1 1/2 yrs they both started sleeping thru the night at 8 weeks, just try to keep em on a reg nap and bed schedule and things will work out.<p>They both love to ride with their papa in the truck, poor mom either stays home or rides in the bed!! (take the car? how will whatever fit in the trunk heh heh).<p>This is the easy part, wait til they start walking and talking you'd swear a kid had a hundred hands, why is it they are so fascinated with stuffing the toilet with whatever is handy?<p>I was lucky, first one came mid-November, second in July when its slow anyhow. <p>Bill


My boy was born on October 29, 99.<p>He is just over 3 months now and he sleeps about 8 hours thru the night . Even when he was new he only got up to eat one time in the middle of the night. ( but ate all day long )<p>Lets see... He was conceived sometime at the beginning of February ( the offseason ). Goes to show you I was to busy & tired during the season to conceive. :)<p>I was reading an article the other day that said mens sperm count is up 40% during the winter! Since our big break is during our peak in sperm your chances are way up there... spending more with your wife.... 40% jump in sperm = baby :)<p> <br>


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Congratulations to all!!! But Hall your sperm count update is a litte more than we wanted to know:). But that does explain why I have more energy to practice in the winter.

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