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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by devnuts, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I am doing some planting for a customer and making a new bed where there is now grass. How should I prepare for the new bed? Rip up the grass and till'? I do have to bring in a few yards of top soil but I think it is best to get the grass out first....??
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    I would spray out the grass with round up and let it die completely. If you are just planting some shrubs, you could just dig the holes big and fill the holes with some good bagged soil when you plant (as opposed to adding top soil to the whole bed). Then (here comes the shameless plug) use a Trenchblade on your stick edger to trench a bed line around the bed, add mulch or pinestraw, clean up the mess and get paid!
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    The best way would be to remove the turf, spread some organic matter, compost, over the entire area and till in. The organic matter will improve the soil and start to balance the Ph. This method is the best way to prepare a mixed bed. A bed for trees, shrubs & herbaceous plants, including annual color. If it's for a single tree or a few shrubs, Trenchblades method will also work.

    No need or reason most times to add topsoil on existing soil. You will create a layered soil effect, and that is not good. It's like putting butter cream icing on a nasty dry cake. When you get past the icing, the cake is still nasty. If you mix in organic matter, you will be creating better soil that will benefit the plants. Your plant selection is also important. Match the conditions you have, not just install what the customer wanted. Interpret their needs and desires and install horticulturally responsible and sustainable plants.

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    Need more info. What kind of edge will you put around it. Natural or some man made edging? What will be in the bed?

    Some suggestions: Have the customer paint on the turf with turf paint where they want the bed EXACTLY. Nothing worse than getting done and having the customer (wife) come along and say no....we wanted it 2 feet on east..Have them paint the bed.
    Cut the bed out using a sod cutter leaving part of the paint for insurance. You may need it. I did once and I just pointed at the paint all was settled. Remove the sod. If you cut to max depth with sod cutter you will be down about 2 inches below turf level then you can add amendments or till if needed also you will have a natural lip to retain mulch. Call if you have more questions turfcobob 402-783-2028

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