New! BedEdger field test in N. Virginia or near Raleigh?

Discussion in ' Magazine e-Reports' started by turfmagazine, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Hi. Jim @ TURF here. Brown Manufacturing would like someone either in Northern Virginia or in the Raleigh, NC area (either) to field test one of their new bed edgers (see specs below).

    This would be published in TURF (and we'd be paying you, not Brown). Take it for a couple weeks and produce a brief report on what you observe on the job. if you are interested PLEASE PLEASE email me personally ... not here. I just don't always get a chance to check this part of lawnsite.


    BedEdger by Brown Mfg
    F-991H 9hp honda engine
    wt 160 lbs.
    Overall width 30"
    Steel Wheels with pneumatic tires
    Tungsten carbide rotor points
    Double Belt pully system drive
    Bed Edging rate 10 to 30 ft.per min
    2 to 9 inches depth.
    1/2 to 9" width.

    BedEdger F-781H
    8 hp Honda Engine
    Wt 155 lbs
    Overall width 30"
    Steel wheels with pneumatic tires
    Tungsten carbide rotor points
    Double belt and pulley system drive
    Bed Edging rate 10-30 ft per min
    Trenching rate up to 30 ft per min
    2-7 inch depth
    1/2 to 9 inches width

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    those are good bed edgers but they need a self porpelled mode for transporting from building to building .
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    i would gladly test one this spring in central vermont!!!

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