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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Kkane97, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Kkane97

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    So today I lined up another mulch job for this season, but I was wondering what your guys to do new mulching beds. I know how to make the beds no problems, but before you start spreading mulch, do you lay the #$%$#%#!@ black fabric that never works or just spread mulch on dirt? All this season I have been using the black landscapers fabric, because the customer asked for it. but this time it wasnt requested. How do you start?
  2. LawnMan19

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    If the fabric isn't requested just make sure the dirt is weed free and than lay the mulch that's how we do it.
  3. Orrdc

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    I always try to push some sort of pre emergent, such as preen. Makes the customer and my life easier.
  4. Think Green

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    I would keep a bag of snapshot or Freehand always handy for jobs like this.
    Geotextile fabrics is always a good add-on for more money but the weeds will grow on top after the mulches decompose. I don't know where you reside but take note that plain ole Preen will not last for long. Temperature's and soil make up contributes to a quicker demise of this product. Snapshot contains one ingredient of preen but there is another herbicide for the backup. I use gallery where needed, prodiamine and pendimethalin and then the mulch. It all depends on what weed pressure you notice or that is expected in the area.
    Preen is Trifluralin(Treflan)only. I prefer Treflan with Isoxabin(Snapshot). One helps out when the other goes down. Dimethanamid-P and pendimethalin or freehand is way better in controlling the sedges.
    Then again.......preen for the cost is a fast and easy buck!!! But for a 50# bag of the good stuff.............they go a long way!!
  5. Orrdc

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    Hey Think, I have heard good things about snapshot and have thought about maybe trying to upgrade my clients to this, where do you get yours? Does it spread comparable to preen? How much do you charge a yard to put it down? I guess that's the beauty of preen, its somewhat cheap and a pretty easy sell.
  6. Kkane97

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    Wow! Thanks for the answers I didnt see that this had any replies when I left to mow this morning I must havr missed them. I have thought about a pre emergent but do you have to be licensed to use that.. I mean technically it is a chemical that is being put into the ground.

    I had a feeling the black fabric is junk decomposed mulch is just really rich dirt even better for the weeds.
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  7. cpllawncare

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    I seem to get a lil nervous when ornamentals are in place or are going to be installed, so far I use snapshot after tilling and raking all the weeds out then again after the mulch is installed? my reasoning is a double attack approach I haven't tried freehand yet is is that much better? is it safe around ornamentals?

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