New Beginning's - ARPI photo tour

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Bobcat has float on the handles but the ride control is operated out of the back of the machine unless I missed that function somewhere on the handles. I does work really, really good, though, as a counter-bounce especially with the nifty two-speed. Since I stripped down my s330's weight to about 8900-9100 lbs with bucket and tilt tatch, it keeps me from bouncing or tipping forward on downhill runs with a full bucket or grapple full of brush.
  2. Duramax8832

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    Hey what town are those power lines in? It looks like an area we used to take the atvs a few years back.
  3. ARP

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    Flairland- It wasn't the best way of doing things, but I used the Harley Rake. I did two really slow passes, with the last pass being almost 4 inches deep. Once I had everything roughed up real good, it did a final skim pass to level everything out.

    Duramax- I am working in Sterling, MA. Right down the road from you in Clinton. Knarly terrain huh? And that's not the worst as you know.

    Yellowdog- Do you have ride control on your Bobcat? If so, do you think that it is something worthwhile to have?
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    Sterling I knew it, there is a nice little sand pit right under the lines. I spent most of my early years out in those woods. Last time I was out there, the ruts had gotten awful..Seemed like they ran skidders through there in the spring and it just turned to mud. Keep up the good work.. Let me know if you get a cutter head, I get asked to do some brush work that I would be glad to send your way.
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    Thanks Duramax- you have a PM as well.

    Ya, they are running some serious skidders through the area right now. The ruts are pretty bad- especially when you have to track over them in the morning and they are frozen.:rolleyes: Those pics I took were off a access road that is off of Hardscabble Rd. in Sterling (if that rings a bell). We are now approaching RT 140.
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    You got anymore pics?
  7. ARP

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    Patience young grasshopper! (jk)

    I was moved to another section of the ROW last week with another T320 and there wasn't too much action going on. This week I am finishing that section and then moving farther north to a big crew. There should be some skidders there that I can grab some photos of.

    In the meantime, I'll put up some pics of my second company job. This job involved many parts including clearing, excavating and installing a new stone driveway through the woods, rehabbing an exisiting stone driveway, installing a new front and back yard, new landscaping, a stone perimeter around a foundation and powerwashing the patio. Oh ya- I did this job alone in less than 4 (really long) days. Now for the many before and after photos!




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    I am curious, what machine did you use?
  9. ARP

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    Part II: Photos of the new driveway being installed.




  10. ARP

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    Part III: Grading of New Yard(s).





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