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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Ron- Don't ya just hate it when the line of girls just dries up? Gosh, I would think that grease covered clothes, diesel soaked hands, and really early hours would be a major attraction to the female species:rolleyes:

    Note: Still waiting for that girl Kenny Chesney says: "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy.":cool2:
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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Hmm- guess I should get the piggy bank out for all these future computer claims:rolleyes:

    The trailer was just a little over $10k. Comparable Big Texs and Towmasters were running $12-16K. Other than a lack of grommets around wear points for the trailer wiring, the finish and quality of the trailer is excellent. (Nothing that couldn't be fixed with electrical tape to protect from any possible chafing.)

    A quick plug: Wendall from Fayette Trailers was excellent to deal with. I would suggest that anyone looking for a trailer call him. They supposedly move 800 trailers a year so they know their stuff and can get you anything you need.
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    What do you mean around wear points? Dads a really picky Master Electrician and didnt have one problem with the wiring on our PJ, its all enclosed in EMT..
  5. ARP

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    Well after being a boater my whole life, I just get paranoid about any possibility of chafing. The wear points I was talking about are where the wire bends around corners in the gooseneck area and goes into the trailer channels and touches metal edges. Granted, it would take years of vibrations to cause any problems, but again I'm a stickler and like to protect my investment.
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    Ah, I get what your saying, since we dont have a gooseneck, we dont have that problem, but you might take some wire wrap and put it over the wire, that stuff is hard to wear through.. But like you said, it will take a long time to wear through that wire unless it has some substantial movement in it..
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    ARP, are you like BC Ron and live at home with the parents? I couldn't stand to live with my parents anymore but it sure was cheap. I'm 32 and my dad passed away about 10 years ago. Mom stayed in the house I grew up in for about 3 years after my dads death. Mom got remarried to a great guy then came to me and said "I'm selling the house and you're not moving with me!". I got booted from the house at 23 and it was a good thing. I get along with my mom fine but we both knew it was time for me to get off the, so to speak, t!t.

    Living with parents is a great time to build up your business because of fewer costs. However, it sure is a wake up call when you have to spend an extra $2500/month for a house, food, insurance, property taxes, and all the other things(kids). There is no way I would be able to live in as nice as house as I do if my wife didn't work.

    I really get a kick out of all the young guys on this forum that live with mom and dad and think they are making good money running a lawn business at $40/hr. I guess they are doing ok because they don't have living expenses.:laugh:

    ARP, you look like you are driven to succeed and are well on your way.

    BTW- I like the truck. I have a 2008 F450 Chassis cab with a dump and love it but it sure guzzles the fuel.
  8. ARP

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    Ah yes- the tender "Do you live with your parents" subject. :rolleyes:

    I'll address this once and for all. Yes, I do live with my parents right now. Not by choice but out of necessity. I'm certainly not proud about it as I am a fiercely independent person (as you can tell), but again, there was no way I could go to college (and pay it off), start a business, and pay for my own lodging at the same time.

    The plan, which I have dicussed with my parents, is to be out of their house and into my own within 2 years. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get to that goal but I will get there. In fact, I might end up buying some land for my company and building a little house on that land- gotta stay close to work, right? As it is right now, any money I pay myself I save to accomplish this goal.

    $40 an hour is nice, and would have been nice to have over the last year as the majority of my savings have gone to this company. But my goal is to make much more than that for myself and my family.

    The whole goal with my company is to provide a better life for my employees, my family, and myself. I have received a lot of financial and non-financial support from my family to start my company and I certainly want to pay that support back in the future.

    I would certainly like to think that everything I have accomplished to this point is due solely to my own efforts. While a large part has been due to my work over the past 5 years, an even larger part is due to God and my family.

    I've always viewed it as a responsibility of the younger generation to build off of what their parents had and gave to them. My parents work and have worked extremely hard to get to where they are and without them I wouldn't be talking to you guys and showing you these cool pictures. I will make sure that anything they need in retirement is taken care of. I would also love to be able to build them a new house as my Dad has wanted a new house for years. Boating is also a major thing in my family, and I would love to be able to buy my parents a nice boat in the future as a thank you for everything they have done.

    I apologize for the length of this post, but this subject about parent's and other's support (in whatever form of support it may be) strikes a cord with me. I certainly have my own dreams that I work for, but I make it a point to make sure those that have taken care of me receive credit and are taken care of in the future as well. I know that there are a lot of people my age or younger who look at these posts with the shiny equipment in them (I was and am still one of them), and think that everything is about the money in the end. While I certainly hope that posts like this and others like Yellowdog's, Rockset's, KSSS's, J Peterson's, and many others inspire others to create a business, I just want to remind everyone that great things are never accomplished on their own. Just make sure you don't forget those that helped you along the way, whether it was by providing you with a cheaper place to live when you were getting started, financial support, or just a word of advice.
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    I forgot to say "Thanks" All Ferris. I certainly hope everything works out in the future and I'm glad to hear that you have been successful as well. Gives me a little hope during the tense times that occur:rolleyes:

    The truck does like to guzzle fuel. Towing about 20,000lbs up hills in the 15 degree temps the other day I was getting about 5mpg. On the return trip Friday in 60 degree temps I got about 8mpg with the trailer on the truck. Just on the highway I only get about 10-11 mpg (Thanks tree huggers and the need to burn more fuel to save the environment). But again, the truck is a tool, and allows me to have a rig smaller than the conventional lowboy to move all this equipment around.

    It does feel at time though that I should have my own gas pump reserved at the local gas station. In fact I gotta go fill up the truck and transfer tank this afternoon in the snow. Good thing my fuel purchases are linked to a Upromise account- I might be able to put a future kid through school just on the fuel savings!:laugh:
  10. old oak lawn

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    ARP- I relay like your set up, Looks real good. Was wondering about the Rent to Own program. Was it hard to get into and how long do you have before you have to buy? Would like to get a T190 this year but but don't have a lot of $$ to put out up front. Thanks and good luck this year.

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