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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Ozz

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    Looks good. I'm glad to see that you're working.

    What are you doing for the tree guys? Like what I have between my uncle and I where he grubs everything,and hauls off stuff I can't? Or are you actually going to be doing th tree work?

    You have a really good idea with getting all the suppliers and stuff set before you go charging on with a job. When It doesn't happen you get setbacks,lost time,cash... And less chance of ever working there again.
  2. ARP

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    Ozz- My specialty is that I provide specialized heavy equipment to tree companies for grinding up vegetation. Some companies have the same equipment but it may be tied up on other jobs, while other companies don't have any of the equipment and my equipment becomes a value added service for their clients. I don't do any tree trimming or pruning, only complete take downs with heavy equipment. If a tree is in a dangerous area, I will call in a tree company with climbers and a crane to take it down. I know how to take a tree down if I need to, but tree work is not my line of work.

    I have not been asked on a large scale yet, but I also come in and rip out stumps that are left behind from clearing operations.
  3. Ozz

    Ozz LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sweet. So very much like myself and uncle,just backwards... And I run the equipment. And if you want to sond smart in front of a customer, the correct term for ripping out stumps after trees are taken out is Grubbing:)
  4. ARP

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    Your everyday person has no clue what grubbing is, but they sure as heck understand what ripping something out means. :laugh:

    I save the dirtwork vernacular for my commercial customers.

    Thanks for the heads up though :drinkup:.
  5. ARP

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    On to a new project now. We were called out to help a trimming crew access the lines in a rural area by mowing back all the ground vegetation. Basically we are a glorified weedwacking crew :laugh: While I don't have to be worried about getting stuck, I do have to worry about clearance with the power lines overhead. So far, it has been an interesting project.





  6. ARP

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    Yesterday we had to make a detour to a line that ran through a field. The line had a lot of vegetation growing under it which was cleared in about 6 hours. I was surprised and pleased with how well the excavator handled the material that I put through it.





  7. Gravel Rat

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    The power utility sure hasn't kept up with the vegitation control it should keep you busy for a couple weeks.

    I imagine the skid steer with the mower doesn't see much use now that you have the Deere with a mow head which works better.

    You have to put on the machine " 10,000lb weed whacker " :laugh:

    It is saving the tree trim guys some labour cutting scrub by hand (chainsaws) and then dragging it to the chipper.
  8. bobcat_ron

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    You have a very nice looking seat in that 50D, I would love to see what it looks like.
  9. AEL

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    Looks good Andrew. I am suprised with how that excavator went through the material on the last set of pics.
  10. Gravel Rat

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    Ron your dad won't buy one for the Hitachi you say something you will end up with a Dairyland milk crate :laugh:

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