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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Thanks Old Oak. The Rent to Own program was real easy to get into. My program is applying 100% of my monthly rental payments for 3 months to the purchase of the machine. Other dealers will only apply 70% for 3 months. Just make sure you check around. The usual term is 3 months but I am sure you can get flexibility in that as well these days. For me the Rent to Own program is the only way to go as I too don't have a lot of cash sitting around for a downpayment. Hopefully everything will keep going as it is and I will be the person lucky enough to be making monthly payments on this equipment in a few months.

    Good luck yourself!
  2. lawncare18

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    So did you go to work today or stay home?? I know you guys got a big storm.
  3. Dan85

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    Nice setup ARP - great pictures too! Sounds like you have a nice little operation going, best of luck to you! Looking forward to seeing some more pictures in the future!

    - Dan
  4. ARP

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    First of all- Thanks Dan! Welcome to the site! Will definitely be posting more photos in the future.

    Lawncare- Well, I went to work yesterday. Can't say the same about the crews I was supposed to be meeting. Got on the road at 5:00AM with the trailer in tow, and at times I could only see 3 car lenghts ahead of me- alot of snow! Took me almost 3 hrs to make a trip that usually takes 1 hour and 10 mins. Got on site, and since no one was there, all I could do was plow out our 1/2 mile access road and a place for my trailer. Went home early, and rather than sleeping the rest of the day, brought the F450 to the shop to get a new radiator. I'm about to leave in a bit to go pick it up and salvage this day.

    I got a Ford Focus as a rental car. Sure is a humbling experience to go from being the king of the road in the 450 to looking up at peoples' bumpers in the Focus!:laugh:
  5. Junior M

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    What was wrong with the radiator?
  6. Dirt Digger2

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    you haven't been pulling your machine out there and back everyday have you?
  7. Junior M

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    There ya go Dirt..

    Sorry ARP, just thought I'd save you answering it again..
  8. ARP

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    Thanks Junior! lol

    I might be hiring a secretary/ office help soon. I'll keep you in mind with that kind of response.

    The radiator was leaking again, like some do on the Fords with the 6.4 motor. All you can do is get it replaced (under extended warranty).

    Sure felt nice being out $1k today from lost work :rolleyes:.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    The 6.4s have 10 grand worth of radiators and intercooler stuff all stuck in front front of the engine.

    I do like the set up I'am not sure if I would have gone with a F-450 pick up yes they look nice but for dollar wise a F-550 cab and chassis with a flatdeck would have been a little cheaper.

    It is good to see you went with a heavy enough trailer and proper size truck to pull it with.

    Your a brave man to take on such debt. One of the guys I went to school with is having a real tough time with his mini excavating business. He does good work but there just isn't enough work out there. Any of these guys that are new in business I wonder if they are going to survive. Even the 20 plus year in business companies are scraping the bottom of the barrel to survive.
  10. lawncare18

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    geting any work done yet this week?? Or the snow storm shutn ya down still?? Any saturday work due to the snow this week? good luck to ya

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