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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Thanks Dirtmerchant! Yes, the mulcher does a good job with reducing the material. The finish isn't as "nice" as you would do in someone's backyard. But, since this is a job where we have to just get the brush knocked down and relatively flat, we're good. Plus, there are a lot of old steel cables and rocks lying all over that I don't want to stuff the mulcher head into...
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    Who's responsible for the rail line clean up?
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    No one is going to be working on the rail line now as it is an abandoned line. However, we did notice that a bunch of the rails and are missing later on- they looked like they and every other piece of salvageable iron had been torched off:laugh:
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    Nice vids!! Do you have any of the T320 in action? Looks like a nice many miles have to be cleared?
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    what's the cut off saw for?
  7. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    probable if he get any metal stuck in the head to cut it off into smaller pieces so it is easier to remove from the head. Andrew the work looks great.
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    Thanks guys!

    No, I don't have any videos of the T320 in action yet. I might be able to get some next week depending on the projects.

    The whole rail line is about 3/4-1 mile long. It's very hilly, wet, and rocky terrain (mainly steep hills and drop offs). Because of the difficult terrain, we have to use the excavator. I have a bunch of those pics that I'll post tomorrow.

    Coastal is right- the line men left a lot of wire rope on the ground after they took down an old line. This wire rope then has a nasty habit of findings its way around the drum on the mulcher and the mower. The chop saw sure beats using bolt cutters- especially when you wrap wire around the drums 4-5 times a day!
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    Nice work. I so want a mower and mini X to trim trees back for the township that looks so much better then sitting there holding the clutch waiting on the arm to move to where I need it then take off again. Andrew how big of tree was that in the vid that took you a bit to get mulched down? One advantage to a tractor is a stand alone pump so you don't have to wait on it to speedback up like that
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    That tree was about 3" in diameter. While the mower does do a great job, I still have to run it with a little extra patience than I would mowing with the T320 and fixed tooth mulcher head.

    Just makes me want to step up to a 160 size machine now :cool2:

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