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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I think you could be doing that job a lot faster using the brushhog or mulcher equiped t-320 and the 50d in the select sspots that are a must. I bet you enjoy running the deere more but from a productive standpoint the bobcat should be just tearing the flat land out fast! I just couldn't imagine taking five days to do that, not even two. I just got done brush hogging next to private roads and I just go full speed over everything from grasses to 3" trees. Then I hit it all again a little slower on the second pass to chew it up. Can't let a preference of machines impact productivity.
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    I agree with you, and that's how we did this project. The first day I went down the tracks as far as we could go until we hit an embankment that I couldn't tackle with the trackloader. We then mowed the top of the hill the excavator was sitting up, through a swamp, and then up to the next embankment that was a 30-45 degree angle. After all the "flat mowing" was done, I went to the excavator to get the rest of the vegetation. At the end of the project, we couldn't get the trackloader in to get the vegetation low to the ground due to the railroad tracks and ties that were on the ground. I'd rather junk a few blades on my flail then a couple thousand dollars worth of teeth on the mulcher. As it is, I have about $600-800 worth of teeth to replace from the first day of mowing alone.

    It's tough to see in the final pics with all the mulched up brush covering the ground, but the place was a swampy, muddy, junkyard. If I could have done more with the trackloader, I would have. Machine preference in my mind is whatever machine will do the job the fastest with the least amount of damage to the property and machine. That = $$$ in my mind.

    Bobcat Ron- No, none actually made their way onto my trailer. They had already been torched off! :laugh: We did find the half filled oxygen tank the "bandits" left behind.
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    Pretty cool. Was there old boulder walls along the rails? I so have to check in to mowing/mulching around here...
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    The first portion of the railroad with the embankment going up under the lines was lined with nice, stacked boulder wall. I was surprised by how good of shape it was in.
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    I saw that wall, it was beautiful. Number those stones,take pictures and move it to a new home.
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    Sad to see abandoned lines, sad to see trucking has taken over so forcefully.
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    especially when train is so much cheaper and economical..
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    Around here you will go to jail if you pull up with some RR track at the scrap yard. Its been a good 10 years ago we dug up some old tracks that were buried under a old parking lot we dug up. The guy at the scrap yard really did not want to take them but after some forcing he took them and buried them undera pile of metal:laugh:

    Mowing looks good andrew!
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    Railroad tacks sitting on sonotubes are the ticket for log length firewood. Where is this place Andrew? :laugh:
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    That's actually a logistical equation. Which I could discuss at the length of a GR post, but really who'd care. Although I would guess I'd be on topic. Basically you either need to be hauling far, or hauling bulk or hauling heavy weight to make it economical. One day I'll own my own and show truckers what is what.

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