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    A train can move one ton of cargo 123 miles on one gallon of fuel. I remember that from a union pacific commercial
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    You figure a semi with a 53 foot van trailer carrying 20 tons of load is burning 16 gallons of diesel fuel every 100 miles you have thousands of trucks going cross country.
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    we still have train tracks running down our main strip in town that use to go to 3 papermills that have since switched to mostly semi truck shipments or have closed down.
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    The one problem moving more cargo with trains is it concentrates the truck traffic around intermodal yards. A great example of this is the area around I70 & I635 in KC during non-rush hour intermodal trucks normally out number light vehicles on the interstate.

    I think the solution is to remove the truck size and weight freeze and start running bigger trucks. Move more tonnage on fewer trucks; it reduces fuel consumption, infrastructure damage, and increases return on infrastructure investment. On the Kansas Turnpike trucks already run 2 48' trailers with a double axle converter dolly grossing up to 120,000lbs. And the interstate system was designed with an intended GCVWR of 129,500lbs.
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    How do they determine how much a road can handle?
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    I would give you a thumbs up on the more capacity idea. I know they have bridge rules but to me limiting the quads to 73,000 when the truck is engineered to carry 89,000 seems goofy. I mean look at a 'legal' dump truck load, there is lots of dump box left for more material.
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    ARP, where is that spur (meaning if it is only 1 mile or less it more than likely served an industrial park or large single customer)? We have lots of those around New England where most industry ....and trains.....are dead. Looks like condos in some of your pics, I bet they replaced the spur customer. Interesting thread on tranis vs. trucks, but those not from around here, NE is one of the decimated rail regions around. Not very many rail exports here, just imports and huals of low cost/high volume material.
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    That spur is in Peabody MA. There is another spur that goes of of that line into what looks like an old industrial yard of some sort.
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    big shooter getting featured it industry publications!!!
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    Haha, thanks but not really. Just focused on how I want to portray my company :drinkup:

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