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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. jefftb

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    Many dealers of larger equipment brands offer the RTO program. Its generally available on both new and used equipment. Komatsu does, CAT does, apparently Bobcat does as well. I bet Hyundai and JD do too.

    It is usually a pretty good way to get into equipment since most of your rental dollars end up contributing to the down payment you need to have.
  2. CAT powered

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    Need more machine details!

    Joysticks? High flow? 2 Speed?

    Note to all else: The dealership he is going through doesn't care how many hours you put on a machine while you're renting it.

    If you rent a machine for a day you can put 24 hours on it. They don't care.

    Well. I'm assuming he still decided to go through Bobcat of Connecticut.

    Best of luck to you in your new venture!
  3. ARP

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    Machine details? Just the stuff I like to talk about :cool2:

    Let's see- the highlights:
    High Flow
    No 2-speed unfortunately (not an option)
    Heat and A/C
    Suspension seat
    Sound Deadening Package
    Forestry Package (Extra guarding and a reaaallly thick polycarbonate door which is not on the machine in these photos)
    Hydraulic Coupler
    Radio (so I don't have to talk to myself all the time :rolleyes:)
    Locks on fuel cap and engine door
    72" Forestry Grapple
    80" 4n1 bucket (special ordered- coming in soon)
    Option to RTO on a 60" Fecon Mulcher

    Dealships: I'm actually going through Bobcat of Cape Cod. Bobcat of CT was great to deal with but Bobcat of Cape Cod offered me a better deal and was almost an hour and a half closer to my home and area of operations.

    I've actually been looking at machines for 6 months in preparation of this work. I was almost into a CAT 299C (which I really liked, except for the visibility out the back), but my local Cat dealer did not want to RTO or get creative with their financing options. So Bobcat it was. Btw- this T320 wasn't even at Bobcat of Cape Cod when I first started talking with them on Tuesday of last week. Based on a half hour conversation only with the company owner, they picked the machine and grapple up from 2 separate dealerships and got everything ready to go in less than 3 days. Pretty impressive IMO.
  4. jefftb

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    Weird that the CAT stealership did not want to RTO. Normally CAT will do nearly anything (besides lower their price) to get someone new into their equipment-even more so if it is a business that has no equipment and is just starting to buy stuff.

    To them that is the start of their "owner loyalty" relationship.
  5. Scag48

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    Yeah I'm surprised as well, usually Cat is the first name that comes to mind when I think RTO, usually they're all about it.
  6. Mjh Excavating

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    Good Luck ARP, nice equipment, good way to get started in this economy. Wish you the best. It's obvious to me that failure is not an option to you, takes a good set to go for it in this economy.
  7. bobcat_ron

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    That is one long trailer!
  8. ARP

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    Thanks MJH- I call it "extreme determination" as well. There is work out there- just have to be flexible to get it. Wasn't my plan to be in land clearing as it says grading and excavation on my truck. :rolleyes:

    Bobcat Ron- Ya it is long. It's real interesting backing it into my driveway. The trailer is a 25' deck with a 5' beavertail. The plan is to put the grapple, mulcher, and pallet forks on the front of the trailer sideways to reach them from the ground and then drive the machine on the trailer backwards with the bucket. Oh ya- and have a Jobbox at the front of the trailer with a generator and air compressor in it.:dizzy:
  9. mrsops

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    Very nice machine good luck!! So what features did you like about the t320 over the 299c besides the visibility? What machine did you feel had more power? and by the way your going to love that sound package keeps the cab real quiet
  10. ford550

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    Very nice. RTO's are nice. That's how I did my JD 35D mini-ex. Good luck, good to see guys working in this environment.

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