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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. talus

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    Andrew your way ahead of schedule. My son Ben is only 3 now. Hes not able to drive an manual trans yet. If that t 800 tracot is an auto he will be fine in a booster seat.

    Side note

    He really like laying on the air horns so you might want to disable them for the first year or so. Same with the Jake.:hammerhead::laugh:

    The apple doesn'r fall far from the tree :laugh:
  2. ARP

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    Z-master- I haven't grabbed any pics yet, but we did some work to the plow and have put a 3 yd poly, Salt Dogg spreader in the back of the truck for salting. With the mild winter and amount of work going on right now, the truck is being driven daily and doesn't have any snow stuff on it for the time being. Once the white stuff starts falling, I'll get some good pics of that, the loader, and the facility we are maintaining for the winter.
  3. ARP

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    talus- Sorry to speed things up. You had better start feeding your kid more so that he can reach the pedals soon!

    So I guess I should disconnect the train horn then? Noted.
  4. Scag48

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    New machine looks good, AFE builds the best head in the industry. Friends of mine were looking at buying a 15 ton carrier with an AFE head and they said John Moffet is one hell of a good guy to deal with.
  5. ARP

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    So far Jon and his gang have been great to deal with. I actually flew out to Idaho to meet Jon and run a machine and we had a great time for a few days. Hopefully things keep going the way they are and we can get another head from Jon soon.
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  6. stuvecorp

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    Glad to hear things are rolling. The mulching obviously picked up...

    I do have say you are depressing me some, send just a little bit of what ever you are doing out here. :)
  7. P.Services

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    so what is the new job the exc. is being bought for?

    whats the plan? cut them down with the new head and feed them into the horizontal ?

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    Andrew looking good, ill swing in at NE Grows and pick your brain so I can generate some growth up my way. I think your in a good area, one of my GC's every month tries to get me to take jobs down your way. Another Landscaper based up here has half their crew down that way working because the money is better down there.
  9. ARP

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    Sorry to depress you stuve lol- we just figured by being so diversified something would pick up sooner or later. We just didn't plan on every division picking up at the same time.

    Picasso- the excavator wasn't purchased for one project. It was a move we made to increase our overall capabilities. With that said though its already scheduled for a couple excavation projects, some cranberry bog clearing, and then maybe some ROW clearing.

    Dylan- it would be great to see you at the show! The money is ok down here, you just have to find the pockets of money that can support your business.
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  10. Cat_246B

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    Read your whole thread.:clapping:. You are an inspiration to me, because I'm going to try to get something going this coming summer, and you inspire a lot of other people to. It's really cool to see how far you have come in the past three years:). Your new ex looks awesome, and keep us updated.

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