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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    So far the 6.7 and 6-speed transmission has been a great engine/transmission combination for us. I know in my truck alone, I'm getting about 20% better fuel economy than my 2010 F450 at 13-14 mpg (both had 4.10 gearing and gross around 11k lbs on a daily basis). My dad's F350 gets about 16-18 mpg (the F350 has the 3.55 gearing). Our F550 with the 4.88 gearing gets about 8-9 mpg and it grosses around the same weight as my F450 on a daily basis. The mpg on the F550 is the only anomaly to me, but I'm attributing the big difference in mpg between the 450 and 550 to the deeper gearing of the 550.
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    ssprtman- I'm starting to think I can predict these storms better than the guys on TV when I can look at the radar and see that the storm isn't forming the way it needs to be to drop some snow! Did you get called in to plow/salt?

    Our other plaza is the old Johnnie's Foodmaster in Weymouth on RT. 18.

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    Andrew on the F550 the motors are detuned because of the extra weight that it can haul which makes the mpg lower, thats what i was told by my Ford service tech. I have never been able to break 10mpg in my 08 f550.

    My 10' f350 mpg has gone down but I think the dpf needs to be cleaned but I have a way around that!
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    Yes, they derate the F450 and F550 chassis from the 400 hp and 800 ft/lb torque to 325 hp and I think 640 ft/lb torque. I just never thought that the difference in hp would be enough to produce that big a difference in hp.
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    Andrew, im the same way with these weather guys. I see it and make my predictions compared to what they say and i tend to be more accurate, to think i used to want to be a meteorologist.

    And yea i actually make the call whether to go out or not, and small storms where i dont have to plow much i just help the guys ice melt and shovel our condo locations while the sander does his thing, this way i dont call in extra guys and keep payroll down.

    I know exactly where that plaza is, been by it many times. I want to get a plaza or two like that, thats what i used to plow, so much better. Plus i want to put some bigger equipment to work, we have a backhoe that pretty much sits idle all winter.
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    Am I reading correctly that they reduce the HP in the 450s and 550s? Seems like it would be the opposite. My 08 450 has never gotten better than 7.3MPG.:confused:
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    Matt- you are correct. They detune the 450/550 chassis. Why, I don't know since it would make more sense to have the power and capability in the trucks that actually get worked. The detuning was actually a major factor in why I chose to get a F450 pickup versus build a F550 from the chassis up last summer. The mgp is the only thing I'm not happy about with the F550.

    Paul- well hopefully this Friday turns out to be more than what they are talking about now! Plaza gigs aren't bad, just have to have a good amount of manpower available to handle the places. How many guys do you bring in for a typical storm?
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    on an average storm ill bring in 10-12 guys including myself and the owner. But it'll fluctuate depending on storm course/amounts etc. i have extras if needed on call.

    Yea looks like another bust for tomorrow! Would love at least 1 good storm before this winter is over. I've only had to call all the guys in once.
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    The de-rate the engines due to longevity. A commercial truck typically see's many more and harder miles than a pickup typically would. Engine output is correlated to how long an engine lasts, so a commercial truck that would see 100K+miles easily needs to be able to last for customer expectations vs. a pickup that may see 50-80K and who's driver is more concerned with performance.

    also, the more displacement an engine has the less it has to work, thats why your seeing 15Liter engines on the big trucks. A 6.0L with 400hp works much harder than an 8L with 400hp.
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    Yall staying busy?
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