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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Andrew, you guys finding the equipment you have sufficient for the jobs and future jobs or do you find yourself eyeballing new iron to help with production etc.? Like seeing your equipment is still in good shape and clean. Everyone thought I was mental when I cleaned our machines after they came back to the yard at the rental company I used to work for. Couldn't stand seeing a brand new machine roll back in looking like it was 20 years old. :)
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    Haha- thanks for the comments guys. I feel well maintained vehicles and equipment go a long way in promoting your company's brand to customers. Guys can't believe that out of the 1400 or something hrs I have on the 160D and 50D, 95% of that time has been spent doing land clearing work.

    Sean- we typically work as subs on DOT projects.

    We spent some time this year and reevaluated what work we wanted to go after and what machines we need to do that. Out of this analysis we ended up selling our F550 and the D5K and then added the Kenworth, lowbed, dump trailer, 400hp Morbark chipper (coming in Feb), and a tree shear and Rotobec grapple for the 160D. While our machine mix is pretty well setup for the type of clearing work we do now, some projects demand more reach so we are starting to look at 30 ton size excavators as a way of rounding out our fleet of machines. While a feller buncher will probably be in our future as we get the need to drop bigger trees faster, there is too much competition in the "virgin land" land clearing business to justify that expense right now.
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    What kind of work will you be doing with the Rotobec and which model is it?
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    t190- No it is not but that is one mean feller buncher head! I'm going to have to look into that more.

    Cornell- I will be using it to rip trees down and load them into our chipper and grinders. It is the RPA3045 rotating rake grapple.
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    Machine looks good sitting on RT6, looks like your making some good distance each night , how far are you going down 6
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    We have 8 miles on the north and southbound sides of 6 from the Sagamore bridge to almost exit 5. Should be here until about March.
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    Sounds like quite the job ! Was the morbark you purchased a whole tree chipper? Are you planning to use the chips for regrind or are you focusing on just the clearing now? Friend of mine has a bandit whole tree chipper (2590) I believe and that thing chews through trees like crazy. Very productive machine.
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    Ya, we seem to be hitting a stride right now with these projects. We already have several bids out on some projects that should start early next year and the season hasn't really even started for this work yet. Hoping for a good year next year.

    The Morbark is a whole tree chipper- it is supposed to process 20-22" trees with a 400hp Deere engine. So not as big as the Bandit your friend has but it is the perfect size for the work we do now on the sides of roads and ROWs.
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    never really caught on up here. great idea tho, only change out the blade, and you can still bunch the bigger stuff and mulch the small stuff.

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