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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. ARP

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    I can't quite compare the power between the two machines because I never ran them side by side. The main reason I really did go with the Bobcat was because of their RTO program which allows me to get into a machine set up the way I need it to be setup. I really liked the Cat's undercarriage and the visibility around and to the front of the machine. The rear was not so great and could definitely be seen as a serious safety issue where I have to work around laborers on the ground, or those big tree trunks that like to come out of nowhere when mulching and hit you.

    The major things I liked about the Bobcat were the quiet cab, electronic lockout, joysticks (not as much resistance as the Cat ones), sheltered hyrdraulic connections inside the boom, and the comprehensive forestry package. I also never found the visibility to be too much different from the Cat's to the front and side, although the lower "tub" on the Cat did allow slightly more visibility to the sides. Power wise, I do like the fact I can lug the Bobcat's engine and power through some tough areas- even though I really haven't put it to the test yet.

    Once I get some time in the machine I will feel more comfortable about giving a fair review. I will say, I can't wait to hook a mulcher up and let er' rip.

    On a side note, the T320 is one sexy looking machine!:cool2: As long as I have no drive motor or SJC (joystick) failures that cause massive downtime, I am sure she will make me a boat load of money and help grow my business to the levels I want to reach.
  2. Canon Landscaping

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    Thats a lot of overhead for a new company you could have 2 used trucks and skids and maybe a good used excavator for what that set up is costing you. Im glad to see you went with the RTO Good Luck.
  3. mrsops

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    Good information looking foward to hearing more. Yes that t320 is very sexy!!
  4. ARP

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    Canon- thanks for the well wishes. Yes, it sure looks like a lot of money- and that's what I want it to look like. However, the truck is one year used (fantastic deal on it by shopping way outside of my region), and the machine is on a RTO as discussed. The trailer is the only thing that was an out of pocket investment and is owned outright. (A quick shoutout: Thanks to Wendall at Fayette Trailers for getting the trailer up here- fantastic people to deal with.)

    Insurance is the only other monthly overhead expense and by shopping around we were able to get a "big boy" insurance policy for a fraction of what it costs the big boys.

    And yes, we thought used, but I have no need for any other machine than what I have on that trailer. Excavation isn't happening so I adjusted the business plan accordingly. Plus, in my area there aren't too many forestry equipped machines in good condition. The joys of being in a niche market I guess :rolleyes: Once excavation picks up again, people can be sure I will be swinging those excavator buckets just like everyone else:cool2:

    Thanks for the comments!
  5. bobcat_ron

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    I hope the RTO program came with lots of warranty, no one here runs the SJC models anymore!
  6. Bombi275

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    ARP I've had my T320 for about 10 months now and love it. I got the same set up as you minus the forestry package and have yet to have any problems thus far. I've only got 600 hours on her so far, but they've been tough hours from sloping a creek bank to mowing ski slopes to thinning lots, I'll bet less than 100 hours have been used on flat ground. The joysticks weren't my first choice, but now I wouldn't trade them for anything they're just as smooth and responsive as the day I picked it up. I had an 864 so it is quite an upgrade and if it makes it any easier, there isn't a machine out there I would rather operate IMO. Good Luck!
  7. bobcatuser

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    I'm surprised you don't have ride control on the T320, it's a dealer installed option. If you are working in rough terrain it's a must have.

    My trick for loading attachments is to drive them on forward and spin around on the deck and drive off. I don't like side loading attachments, especially on a busy street or narrow driveway.

  8. stuvecorp

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    Were I started we had a trailer like yours and would spin around on top, would freak people out that were watching. The ramps were too steep for the 1845 and don't know why we never backed up?

    I am surprised at the number of you that have the big gooseneck trailers, I couldn't live without my dump.
  9. Junior M

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    awesome set up, Bobcat and PJ trailers, cant wait to see some of your work, looks like your off to a good start...

    Oh yeah, you can save some room by putting the grapple on and then grab the bucket and then clamp down on it, I know your goin to have alot of attachments on the trailer, that might save you some room. also you might think of putting a deck up on the neck of the trailer...
  10. ARP

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    Thanks all for the comments all!

    Bobcat Ron: Ya, the machine is going to have a nice long warranty just for the SJC and the drive motors. The other T320 on site has had computer, SJC, drive motor, and fan issues. Granted I don't know how they run the machine, but it looked a little rough. Hopefully my machine won't have those issues.

    Bombi: Thanks for the update on your machine! Nice to hear that you still like it and haven't experienced any major problems. The terrain you are working on sounds very much like the terrain I'm on (pics are coming!). And yes, after starting out on an 863 Bobcat with the rowing paddles and foot pedals, I will never use anything other than joysticks again. Alot more precise and less subject to hitting a pedal accidently in rough terrain.

    Bobcatuser: It's funny that you mention ride control. I just saw that it was an option in the manual the other day. If I do end of keeping the machine, I will have the dealer install the option. As it was now, they turned the machine around in 3 days last week so that I could start today. There wasn't too much time to install anything other than the radio and forestry package. I'm not traveling that fast as it is, but going down the access roads I can definitely see why ride control is a nice option. Good idea on the attachments going on the trailer- depending on how things fit on there I will keep your suggestion in mind.

    Junior: Thanks for the compliments! When the other attachments come in I will give your idea a try. I've done a similar thing in the past with a industrial grapple and bucket and it worked pretty well.

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