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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. ARP

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    Haha Junior- I know what you are talking about. That photo you're thinking of was my truck last summer. I had a Cat 236B skid on rent for my first job as a legitimate company. Hadn't even put the tank, box, or signs on the truck yet. Nice to see a little progress from lookin back on those photos.

    My hat is definitely off to everyone who has been able to grow their own business- things take a little longer than expected to take off.

  2. Junior M

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    Yep, thats the one I was thinking of! Yeah, tell me about it, when we started last year I planned on having a skid on a RTO program, like you, by now, who knows? I am kind of slowing down now that some guys have talked to me and what they've told me..
  3. howierd3866

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    good evening your set for the trailer set up I made my deck above to store all my attachment so I can leave them on there 24/7. Because I also do 24/7 recovery cleanup for local towing companys. I use my trailer for all my other equipment so having the bottom deck free works good for me. As for your contract work here are you getting pay by the hour or mile/acres. good luck Thanks Howard
  4. Bleed Green

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    what have they said that have made you want to slow down? j/w
  5. Junior M

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    This has been from numerous people: I just need to have fun, I am only in HS, I've got the rest of my life to work, just let things roll and they'll come to you, if you try to hard you'll just push it away. All things of that effect..
  6. raschmid07

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    ARP out of curiosity, what did major did you graduate with from college?
  7. ARP

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    Thanks Howierd. I thought about the deck over the neck but I really don't want that much weight that high up on the trailer- that's why I went with a slightly longer trailer in the end.

    For my contract work, I am getting paid by the hour, but I mentally treat it like a regular bid to keep my motivation and production up. I am expected to be on this 15 mile stretch of ROW until April 1 of this year. Right now we are working 8-10 hour days to get everything done.

    Junior: While you still are young (heck I'm young still as I'm only 21 with a baby face no less) and should be enjoying life, HS, girls, ATVing, whatever, don't be afraid to go after what you want. I was never much of the partying type. I am also a extreme workaholic by nature as I worked all through HS and college and even through my breaks in college when everyone would go to Cancun. I did all that because I knew that when I graduated college, I wanted to work for myself doing stuff that I love rather than working in an office and having to report to an overzealous boss and do TPS reports. I even skipped going abroad for a semester so that I could graduate college early and put my saved money into my company.

    While a lot of people have told me that I should slow down and enjoy life, my response to them is a polite "Thank you" and "I will enjoy life when I am sitting off a white sandy beach in the Carribean on my own yacht." My business, among providing future jobs for others and a legacy for my future family, is a means to an end in terms of a lifestyle I would like to live someday. Who wouldn't like the choice in life to either go play in the dirt or go out on jetskis for the day? It's for those reasons that I never slow down. You just have to think about how much you want something and then go after it.
  8. ARP

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    Raschmid, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. I concentrated in entrepreneurship with a focus on real estate development. My business is taking the place of my MBA :rolleyes:.
  9. Dirtman2007

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    That was very well said.

    Thought I was the only one who thought that way. Most of my friends rather party and raise hell than to go out and work. I'm the opposite, I much rather work now, save up and live life like I want to when I'm older, lets face it I don't think my body will like doing this type of work in 30 years, it hurts now at the end of a long day and I'm the same age as you. By then we can both sit on the beach, drink a few beers and watch Junior level the beach sand out with his T250:laugh:
  10. Dirt Digger2

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    let me get in on this sandy beach watching the young gun play with his tonka toy...but as for me my business needs to wait until i get my do that I have to work under one for 4 years and then take a test...after i pass the test and start my company we can race our yachts HAHA

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