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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. P.Services

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    Heck yeah!! That other guy on here has a 13' ramsey winch and a snatch block and says it pulls his takie 150 all around. It is a remote comtrol winch so he hooks it up and then can sit in the machine and pull with the winch as he helps it along with the track and bucket. I bet you can be in biz for under 3 grand if you build the bummper your self.
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  2. GWhunter

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    Andrew now I'm officially jealous. And you got the new angle blade option too!
    Looks like you got it from Schmidt? I was over there in there Oxford store last week. I hope you enjoy your new toy. A good choice for sure.

  3. Danny Boy

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    Hi Andrew,
    I spent two hours yesterday reading quite a bit of your thread and what you have done in such a short time is very very impressive, especially with your economy being so poor right now. It shows what anyone can achieve with hard work and dedication to their trade.
    Cheers to your continued success.
  4. MackCat

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    I`ve got a 12,000 pound Warn Winch That i used on my Posi-Track, and it done a great job. I had about $2,200 in it and the steel bumper. I`ll see if i can get some pictures of it to show you
  5. ARP

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    GW- Thanks! No reason to be jealous- I don't do what I do to make people jealous. It's just the best decision for my business. (But, ya having good tools for work is pretty nice :cool2:).

    I did get it from Schmidt. So far, they have been great to deal with. Can't wait to purchase more equipment from them in the future.

    Dannyboy- Thanks for the good wishes. I too hope things keep going the way they are. It's been tough and alot of work, but I'm hoping all my personal life sacrifices will be worth it in the future. I'm just glad I love my job!

    Mackcat- I'd really like to see how you had that winch setup. Sounds like it might be the ticket for this work I do.
  6. Craaaig

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    Congratulations ARP! Good too see with even these tough times you are expanding
  7. GWhunter

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    I'm glad your having sucess is what I should have said. I've been lusting after a 50d for a year or so. It will be a good fit for your operation for sure. I'm curious how it performs as a mower carrier. Schmidt is a pretty good dealer. I'd also recommend W.I. Clark there compact line sales guy is really good.

  8. ARP

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    Haha- no worries Matt!:drinkup:

    If you want, jump up my way when I get back from this pipeline job, and hop in the 50D. Once I get the mower on the machine I'll be sure to write a review up for everyone.
  9. GWhunter

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    I'm there just tell me when, I don't think your too far from me.

  10. ARP

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    OK- well I get back first couple weeks of Nov (if my truck doesn't break down on me again :rolleyes:). I'll shoot you a message in a bit.

    Anyone else? :cool2:

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