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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ARP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I'm actually not working Sundays :cool2: I haven't worked Sundays since that job I did for my family earlier this summer. However, if a job comes along that I need to squeeze into a weekend, you can bet that I will do what needs to be done.

    Glad to hear your guys care about the equipment. Sure makes running an equipment based business a lot easier when people have pride in the tools that they use.
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    ARP,The top window guard is standard on the 27D-50D but not on the 60D unless they changed that:confused:.I don't have mine setup to run the thumb and the mower at the same time,but I looked at puting a diver on the boom swing circut to run the thumb when the mower is on.I have mine setup with the aux. lines "T'd" and shut off valves on the thumb to shut it off to run the mower.Works petty good.I will try to take some pics of the plumbing on my mini.

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    It's getting worse these days, at least from an operator standpoint. I take care of my iron at work as if it were my own, just won't go as far as changing fluids, that's not my deal. However, the machine gets waxed, I just finished going through with touch up paint, she looks brand new again. I get somewhat disgusted by how some guys treat their iron. Soda spilled all over in the cab, radio and everything else in the cab covered in a thick layer of dust, drives me crazy. I run an open cab machine most days, every machine I get into with a cab and radio I Armor-All the entire interior in hopes that the next guy will keep it up. Rarely happens but oh well.
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    Thanks Minimax. If you could post some pics that would be awesome- I'm still working with the dealer to finalize the plumbing schematics on the machine.

    Scag- I hear you on those dirty machines. It sure makes the day go by faster if you can work in a clean environment (tough in an open cab, but you do what you have to do). If a machine has a cab, the only place crud should be in the machine is on the floor mat- and that's only until it is swept out of the machine.
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    I am going to do the same on our ZX27, popping the hoses off from the thumb to run hoses for the hammer is driving me nuts, I broke another quick coupler yesterday.
    I want valves on the stick.
  6. ARP

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    Well, it's been an interesting last couple of weeks. First pic here is of a friend's F550 I had to borrow to get my trailer home after my F450 blew an injector.

    Really nice truck. 2003, 7.3, XLT, custom ambulance package with air suspension, and bunch of strobes all over. 189,000 mi and going strong.

  7. ARP

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    Next up, is a pic from 2 mornings ago.

    Looks like winter is getting an early start. Just what we need with another 2.5 wks of work to go :rolleyes:

  8. GWhunter

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    Andrew I feel your pain on the snow. I finished up a mowing job yesterday and it was snowing all 5hr. Not the best time on an open station. Since you PJ has the same ramps as I do, do you ever have issue with the ramps hitting the ground. It is an issue for me on pavement mostly.

  9. ARP

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    Here are some I shot at the Bobcat dealer today. I know people had been asking for some interior shots awhile back.





  10. Junior M

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    what the h#ll is with the big box right in the way?! :wall

    And you shoulda got some pics of the Mseries excavator in the background!

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