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    I think the reason for the reduced capacity is that the weight of the truck is deducted from the towing capacity. Typically a regular cab is the highest rated towing capacity. The more "pickup" you add, the less the capacity. So on a Crew Cab you will see the largest reduction. GM does the same thing.
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    The truck has the snowplow package with the heavy service springs. When I get the truck back later this week I'll take a look for the spring codes.

    The trailer was just over $10k with the third ramp and extra spare tire/wheel. It has the pine deck (which is doing fine) and is a lo-pro design with a GVWR of 24,500. I upgraded to the heavy duty 12k axles as well, which are a lot beefier than the 10k axles that came on the trailer.

    KSSS- You are correct. I believe the F450 C+C regular cab does have a higher rating than the same vehicle with crew cab. I just found it interesting that the F450 C+C crewcab has less towing capacity than the pickup crewcab. Perhaps Ford figures the upfit body will weigh significantly more than the pickup body? :confused:
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    All the capacity numbers from ford are just numbers. The most important is rating of each axle, more specifically tire ratings.

    I would bet you are right on ford's thinking. Any type of up fitted body is more than likely to weigh more than a box so they are probably taking that into consideration.
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    Ford rates the F-450 pickup with a higher rating to get people to buy them.

    They make more money off of them than a regular cab and chassis.

    Myself I wouldn't buy a F-450 pickup it is a waste of money. For one it isn't a cab and chassis so the frame is lighter. The rear springs are lighter in the F-450 pickup.

    Ford is making a big profit off of the F-450 pickup here there is a 10 grand difference between a F-350 Crewcab 4x4 XL diesel to a F-450 P/U XL.

    The frame of the F-350 is the exact same as a F-450 P/U.

    So for 10 grand more Ford will install the Dana 60HD front axle and the Dana S110 and some slightly heavier springs they are making a huge profit off of the F-450 P/U.

    I think the local Ford dealer has sold 1 F-450 P/U because people realize it is a big rip off. If you want a truck heavier than a 1 ton buy a F-450-550 cab and chassis not a over glorified 1 ton dually which the F-450 pickup is.

    A F-450 P/U towing 24,000lbs uhm not a chance maybe where your roads are flat. The U joints and gears in a Dana S110 would never handle the stress neither will the brakes.
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    I just pulled a 14,000 pound Genie Lift, up hill, down hill, flat ground, I went there, no popped U joints. F450 handled it very nicely.
    I will be doing this pull 4-5 times a month for this customer. Should be fun.

    Pictures 3704.jpg
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    Well, hate to burst your bubble Gravel, but a 24,500lb load behind my F450s is no problem. Oh ya, I don't get to tow on flat ground either. Since I've had the truck (since May 08), I've had to tow up and down hills with greater than 10% grade regularly. I think the axles and u-joints are the one thing I have not had problems with on my 08.
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    ARP I have an '08 King Ranch 450 that we have gone through 2 motors on...I tow a Gooseneck trailer with it over the road for live demos of our heads...most recently I went to Moultrie, trailer fully loaded scales at 26,000 lbs and the truck handles it like its nothing...just keep a constant supply of diesel coming and shes happy...our first motor went out at 15k miles (before the gooseneck hitch was even in it) Ford stepped up with a 200k mile warranty though so its worry free from now on (have 44k miles on the truck now)

    These 450 pickups are the real deal...
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    One of the fish haulers had to replace the gears in their 2004 F-450 the Dana S110 couldn't stand up to the weight it had on it. Truck is grossing 15,000lbs regulary. The truck hauls 6000lbs of water plus the product.

    If you run a light treaded tire you will be fine it will slip before it breaks anything. I'am running one of the most agressive 19.5 rubber you can get on my F-450 the tires don't spin.
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    ClearView- Do you know when your truck was built/ what Job # it is? Sorry to hear about your engine problems.

    When the trucks are running, I agree these trucks handle pretty impressive loads. I feel very confident when I'm towing my trailer. So how do you like your King Ranch otherwise? I love the interior on those trucks.

    I sent you a PM as well.
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