New Bermuda Care


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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post again because you all have been so helpful in the past. Thank you!

I have a new Bermuda lawn (sodded) that I have been trying to get established. It was planted 6/17/19. It has been very hot here in Central TX, with no rain in sight. I reduced my watering to 3-4 times a week to try and not cause shallow roots.

Think it looks okay for a six week old lawn planted in the summer? I think it is just experiencing some heat stress (like most lawns around here.) Or think it needs some iron? How long before a lawn is considered "established?"

I am awaiting soil test results! Thanks!



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You should probably up the water. It looks like it's drying out. New sod needs a lot of water. This hot weather doesn't help. Fill those gaps and topdress the edges with sand. Only 1 more pound of N is needed this year.
Get that Bermuda through this summer and by next year it will be growing too fast.


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Yeah I would up the water a little from what I see, or at least water for a longer duration for those 3-4 times.

If its rooted, theres nothing wrong with giving N to that bermuda. It'll eat it. New sod, in lieu of soil test, 15-5-10 or 16-4-8 ratio.