New Bermuda Lawn.


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Columbus GA
Hi Folks,

I just had a new Tif 419 lawn installed in my new home and the sod was laid down 3 days ago. Luckily we are having rainy weather and 65+ degree temps here in Columbus Ga in the month of December. My question to you guys is.... I am new to Bermuda lawns and I am looking for a good plan to follow year round. I am willing to sink SOME bucks in the yard but not getting to crazy. I really want a site or feedback on what products to use year round, during different seasons. I have heard or LOTS of different stuff to do with Bermuda lawns and I am trying to get a feel for a happy median with the information you guys give me.

So my first real question is what is the first thing i need to do to my lawn? I know the sod has been heavily fertilized at the sod farm, but is there anything i need to do to it in the upcoming weeks/months being that it is about to get cold here. Its just taking a lil longer than normal.

Any help is greatly appreciated.