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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by gulfjoe, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Hi Folks,

    I just had a new Tif 419 lawn installed in my new home and the sod was laid down 3 days ago. Luckily we are having rainy weather and 65+ degree temps here in Columbus Ga in the month of December. My question to you guys is.... I am new to Bermuda lawns and I am looking for a good plan to follow year round. I am willing to sink SOME bucks in the yard but not getting to crazy. I really want a site or feedback on what products to use year round, during different seasons. I have heard or LOTS of different stuff to do with Bermuda lawns and I am trying to get a feel for a happy median with the information you guys give me.

    So my first real question is what is the first thing i need to do to my lawn? I know the sod has been heavily fertilized at the sod farm, but is there anything i need to do to it in the upcoming weeks/months being that it is about to get cold here. Its just taking a lil longer than normal.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Here is my two cents...take it for what it is worth.

    Nobody is going to give you a secret formula for prize winning Bermuda as each lawn and its environment and micro environments are different from the next. So anybody giving a solid plan for what is "ensured" to give you a great lawn is full of it.

    I know you most likely just spent good money having this lawn installed. You want to protect your investment, you want to ensure it stays nice for years to come, you take pride in your home and its appearance otherwise you would not have made this investment.

    So do the best thing you can. Find a really good small to med. Lawn and Ornamental company in your area to service your property. This will save you money and lots of headaches in the process. You can and will spend a fortune trying to solve problems and id them as they come along - problems that a qualified licensed L and O operator will not allow to present itself or can resolve quickly if they do arise.

    My suggestion is to hit up several home owners who have Bermuda in your area that have nice looking lawns. Ask them who is servicing their lawn, for how long, how long has the lawn been established, etc etc.

    Do not go with who is cheapest - as it may cost you more in the long run. In the same breathe do not go with who is the most expensive.....unless you have it on solid word of mouth that they are worth it.

    In my experience a small to med size L and O company will give you the best bang for your buck while attending to your every need. Get yourself a weed and disease book from your local county extension so you can accurately help ID problems as they arise and inform your applicator when you call for service on what you are seeing. If you call and say I see does not tell them much...if you call and say I see yellow gets them a idea of what is not appearing right to you in the lawn and will resolve the quickly.

    Good luck
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    How many sq feet are we talking about? Is your site flat and smooth? The reason I am asking is because you just installed a turf grass that really needs more maintenance than others to really look good. Tif 419 is one of the Bermudas that was developed for sports fields. It needs irrigated, cut lower than 1" with a reel mower frequently and fertilized on a regular schedule. The reason it needs cut so low is to keep the stems away. You want leaf blades coming off the stolons. If it gets tall then stems grow off of the stolons and the grass blades growing off the stems so when you mow you cut off the blades and leave the brown stems.
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    My lawn is fairly level but on a slope. I just purchased a 20in McClane reel mower 7 blade. I am going to be asking lots of questions about using that thing. I know blades and bed knife to be really sharp and its going to be in the shop till after Xmas getting serviced. (I bought it used). I am a do it your self kind of guy I am not going to pay people to come do my yard. Thats why I am looking for a good plan to follow. I may have found one online today. I do not have irragation at this home because they wanted to much money to install it and I was on a tight budget and sprinkler system didnt quite make it. but I dont mind moving sprinklers around the yard so i will do it the old fashioned way.

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    You might want to consider renting a lawn roller. It looks to be a lot of bumps.
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    I am sure I will be doing lots of top dressing and I am going to have to learn how to do that. I am pretty sure there is more to than throwing fine sand down and raking it up.
  7. gulfjoe

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    I know the sod company used one when they did the job. Its technically not my house till 30 Dec 2011 thats when we close. I cant do anything to the yard untill we close and thats next week
  8. Pm greendoc here on lawnsite. He knows Bermuda very well.
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    That's not a long term solution. The lawn will need to be topdressed in late spring/early summer.

    Not much more than just throwing the sand down and spreading it out. That's pretty much it. It's what you do in the months after that will make a difference. You can search for my thread for when I did my lawn. Also, look at cgaengineer's thread if it's still on here.

    If you reel mow, topdress, and have a good fert program you will have a high quality bermuda lawn.
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