New bermuda sod care.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kkirk, May 7, 2007.

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    I had sod laid down about a month ago, and have been just watering it pretty good. I has greened up pretty good, and needs mowing. I was going to do it Friday but the mower I currently have decided no to propel itself so I'm looking at picking a new one up tomorrow. Probably a toro 20055 model. anyways, what height should I cut it at? I'd like to mow as low as possible but don't know if that is a good idea with new sod. Also should I mulch or bag? Another issue is weed control, I got a few weeds popping up here and there. I went to lowes and looked around at the fertilizer with weed control and it said not to apply it to new lawns until they had been mowed about 4 times. I opted to go with the fertilizer for new lawn. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the weeds in the mean time?

    Another question I got is some of the sod is on the north side of the house and I know bermuda loves sun. probably about 1 foot to 2 feet will be in the shade, is there hope to the sod there?

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    I would not mow it low the first couple of times. Try and keep in mind of the 1/3 rule and ease the grass down. You may remove about 1/2 the first mowing if you have not mowed the lawn for several weeks while it became established.

    Bermuda needs a minimum of 6 hours of sun.

    Do not put any weed killer on it for at least 6 weeks (mowings ) or more. Pre-emergents, I would not put on it unless it is strong and healthy this fall. I would rather wait on the pre-emergent until the second season myself.

    What type of Bermuda is it? How short do you want to keep it? This will dictate the type of mower you buy.
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    How can you tell what type of bermuda it is? I guess I can call the guy that laid it and ask. I'd like to keep it as short as possible and as full and green as possible.

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