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Gentlemen, this is my first year in LM and have met and slightly exceeded my first year goals. Most of my buisness has been spread via word of mouth, so the growth was slow enough to handle, not too fast to overwhelm me. I have a question on a bid that a guy wants me to do. It is a trailer park w/ 41 lots. The lots are simple 30'x70'(give or take a yard or two) and trim around the trailers (no blowing). I have a rider (JD)mower w/ a 48" deck, so it shouldn't take all that much to do each lot. What are some reasonable rates to charge and what would be some pricing alternatives? He wants to know individual lot price, all the lots and what it would be every week,and every other week. He just wants options. I usually charge $5-$10 more for the every other week customers. Any and all sugestions are appreciated. Thanks


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Dont qoute me on prices they are different in other state say you do each lot for $20 at 41 lots that comes to $800.00 to do all or charge $25.00 for each job if they want per trailer cost, that way it comes out to $1025.00 a $225.00 savings to do all which will lead them to take the $800.00 price instead, remember im just throwing prices up in the air.


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are there fences,how many trees for the fall got to look for thos water pipes.and all the children make sure your insurance is paid up trailer parks can make you good money but the always seems to be more lib. why? i guess becausethere so close together i hadarock go though one the first year many can you do in a hour.......
then break it down to the yard from there ido a couple every month about the same size you got and i charge
$30 for single wides and $35 for doubles..hey if you do get it buy a presure washer great money maker i get $65 for a single and $95 for a double more if there nasty.

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