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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dan1a1984, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. dan1a1984

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    Please help. I am trying to start a lawn bizz in central FL. And I need some help with going completely legal. I know that I need insurance and license.

    Whom do I need to be licensed with the state, county, and city?? What’s need to do this??

    How do I set up sole proprietor?

    In the forum it says repeatly “Check your local laws”, where exactly do you do this??

    Thanks for your help.
  2. wildstarblazer

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  3. EMJ

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    You need to get your City and County lic.. I you use a name other than your own you need to register a fictious name with the state. Get your insurance from whom ever you want.
  4. billslawn89

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  5. dan1a1984

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    thanks, you guys are awsome...
  6. I.M. Green

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    where in central Fl?
  7. dan1a1984

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    Pasco County, its about 45min north of Tampa. I would like to serivce Pasco and Hernando Counties.
  8. dan1a1984

    dan1a1984 LawnSite Member
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    What are the benfits of creating the business under a fictious name?? Why would'nt you use your on name??
  9. Ruben Rocha

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    The law is a little tricky here is florida but.
    Usually is you operate a business using a name other than your legal name your are required to file that name with the division of corporations in florida.
    Regardless if it is a dba,sole proprietor, or any flavor of corp like a llc.
    So if your name is John e. Doe and your business is named John E. Doe as a sole proprietor you should not need to register your name.
    But if your business name is John E. Doe lawns. Then you do that is not a legal name.
    BTW when you do register a name with the state is is best to go ahead and pay the extra money for a certified copy. It helps when opening a bank account etc.

    As far as a license goes just go to your local county tax collector(where you pay for tags,property tax) and apply for a occupational license for lawn maint.
    Usually they only require money no insurance etc.
    If you are going to spray roundup in flower beds, Another story you will need a special license and Liability insurance for that. You can start with the county extension service to get you started or

    Now I am not saying you don't need insurance. Just that it normally is not required here in florida for normal mowing service.
  10. LawnSharkMowing

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    to kinda get around paying the $50 for a fictious name you can register your business with the county under DBA(Doing Business As) ex. John Smith DBA Lawn Mowing R Us....u get the point!

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