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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kandclandscapes, Jul 6, 2009.

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    I just started my lawn care business this summer. Wanted to get some input on how get new business and solid accounts. It has been super rough starting out. I have cut grass for seven years and finally spread my wings. I was going to purchase a business with existing accounts but that fell through, so now I am building from the ground up. The equipment and experience is there but the clients are not. I have tried doorhangers but that has gotten no response.
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    Hi, it is tough to jump into this biz at this time of the year but don't loose heart. When I got started three years ago. I was lucky to get 5 accounts from someone who wanted out. I put out my flyer in early February which is a good time. Because in mid season it is harder to get customers. They (especially if they have someone working for them already) won't take a chance on you unless they see your work in the area or they just are fed up with their currant Lawn care provider. My biz is small only because I have been turning away people left and right. I only have time for the twenty accounts I have. I would talk to friends and family to ask them to get the word out. And also check into posting in places like old folks rec centers to see if you can put a flyer up or on file with them. people go out of business all the time in this line of work leaving customers scrambling for some one. They talk to people they know regularly and that person might just remember your flyer for them. That is how a friend of mine got several accounts. You could put an ad in the area paper, but that would cost money, which if you are like I was back then I didn't have a lot of that to throw around. Once you are out working, your work is your best advertising!!!! good luck David
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    Thanks for the input David. I am going to take some of my left over doorhangers and post them on bulletin boards around town. Do you do this full time or part time?
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    I've worked for thirty-one years at a grocery chain owned by Kroger. I am working the lawn care part time right now. 5 lawns a day after I get off work at 11:00 am. I eat lunch and sometimes take a nap so I don't hurt myself out there working in the yards. Right now our contract has expired with the grocery chain and in the negotiations they want to raise the age I can retire and collect a pension from 50 to 55. It is a drag because I turn 50 in February. So I have to keep my number of lawns at 20 or less for now. David
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    I am running into a similar problem. I cant get clients because people dont want to spend money right now. I offer my services over Craigslist and have had several jobs through that site. But, I offered a discounted service because of the economy. People just want to take that and milk it even more. I just tell them that its not worth me coming out to mow a yard for $20. I burn that in Gas alone.
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    Great decision. It's a great business if you learn it the right way and have the right mentors! Just wanted to let you know who we were and what we did. If you go to the ALMA site, its pretty self explanitory. For 10 bucks a month, its really a no-brainer! You won't be sorry.

    Good Luck!

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