new blade design

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    new blade design

    I stopped in at our local dealer and he was showing a new blade design! It is totally different than anything I have seen. According t0 the blade manufacture it develops more lift but lets the engine use less power. I found the manufacture web site which is Has anyone else seen or used this blade?
  2. Its sounds interesting if it does what the site says .when they start takeing orders ill probally order some just to find out.
    Whos american mowers never heard of em around here or the blade runner
  3. I think they make the bad boy.

    Nice imformative site. They don't even have a pic of it.

    Only links that are missing are ones for Lawnsite and American moweres. DUH
  4. Lawngodfather i was thinking exactly the same thing no info at all
    just the news section dated 9/27
  5. vipermanz

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    if is uses less power yet genarates more lift , wouldn't just be thinner than a factory set?
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    I realize this is purely speculation, but something tell me that these things are going to be outrageously priced, for what you get. Just like those one blades that came out, that had a cross pattern like doubles. These things were like what, a hundred bucks a set, or something. About every design has been experimented with and researched by the engineers. Why try to re-invent the wheel.
  7. Titainium dude!!!!!!

    $220 a blade lol

    Not nessaceraly. But I don't see how they can claim that with not giving any info.

    Lift is done by using a higher lip at the back of the blade.

    Dc designed their own blades. It was stamped and all one piece with no cut outs. The cutting edge is about 3/4's of each side.
    It is a stamped blade and not bent.

    Maby it's some radical radius blade.

    Who knows they don't give enough info to realy even talk about it.:confused:
  8. accuratelawn

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    The Vortex blade has a different shape with less of a lip on the end. This will reduce drag and increase tip speed.
    I will order as soon as they are available. Pricing will be inline with other blades out there.
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    I'll need to actually see them. Their web site links back to the Blade Runner mower manufacturer which has been touted on here as a great mower.

    However, there seems to be very little info on the actual Vortex Blade. I wonder if the manufacturers of the Vortex and the Blade Runner are connected? There seems to be very little info available on the mower also.

    I'll look forward to seeing the blade and the mower if and when they get into production and are widely available.
  10. accuratelawn

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    The Vortex blade will be used on the Bladrunner according to the Vortex website.

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