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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Big C, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Big C

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    Here is my situation.....I am getting ready for the upcoming season and I have done so well budgetng my start-up cost that I am going to upgrade my homelite edger to a Redmax and I am thinking should I upgrade my res. Troybilt handheld (1yr old) to a Redmax backpack blower now while I have a some extra cash or do I wait until the handheld dies. On one hand the Troybilt will work fine (at least for a while) on my residential accts, but what if I get a shot at a larger comm acct that will require a larger bp blower...I don't want to be caught off guard...and I know I will eventually need a bp blower....also I will be buying a new Redmax edger in the next week or so and my dealer will give me a pretty good discount if I purchase the edger & blower together....what should I do????
  2. 1wezil

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    we do large accounts and only have 2 hand held redmax . i have not really needed a backpack yet you will know when that time comes .

    CALVISI LawnSite Member
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    Get the BP! You not only have the opportunity to save a little money on it, but also have the money for the equipment you know you are going to need. Once you put on a BP you'll never second guess yourself for buying it.
  4. bas122286

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    I agree with calvisi, get the bp blower. Once you use one youll never regret it. You will not only increase your productivity, but you also have a more proffesional my opinion. Also what if say that larger job comes around and you need a friend to help or you hire somebody, wouldnt it be nice to have 2 so you can both blow. Also never a bad idea to have a spare.
  5. 1wezil

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    if your the one that will have it on your back all day you may have second thoughts ! ha ha . you are the one that has to make that decision !
  6. Runner

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    Let's look at it this way...there are two times of the year when we use our blowers the most...for spring cleanups, and for fall. Going into spring cleanups. The time made up and saved by having adequate power (not to mention ease of use and agility). I would get the backpack and have use of it. If your dealer is going to work with you and give youa little better deal for buying both at once, then I would definitely do it now.
    The difference in power and ability to clean with a backpack as compared to a handheld is hardly comparable. Do what's right for you to get thejob done proficiently.

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