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new blower

C.T. Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Avon, Indiana
today i went and bought a stihl br340 and all i can say is wow... this thing is way better than my hand held one. i can blow twice and much stuff with this as i could with the other one i had... now dont make fun but the other one i have that this is replacing is a little homelite thing that is now my back up. i cant wait till the grass is growing like mad so that i can blow all sorts of things. today when i was putting it to its test i was blowing dirt from when i was edging some old sidewalks that had not been edged in about 3 years. this thing was picking up piles of mud and throwing them all over the place.. This is a great blower and i am proud to have stihl as my official hand tool brand!!


LawnSite Bronze Member
If you think that Stihl has power, you should have tried a Redmax.I'm proud to say that Redmax is MY tool of chioce.


LawnSite Member
I have a stihl br340 as well and I agree, it is a nice machine. But, why do you need a backup blower if you have that. Espec. a homelite... Just messing with ya


LawnSite Member
bastrop, la.
Stihl is STILL the one.


LawnSite Gold Member
I have the same blower and i like it, I still grab the handheld to blow off short side walks, before i can crank and put the back pack blower on im done with the handheld, plus it saves a little wear and tear on the bp an save it for leaf season


LawnSite Senior Member
I have one of those...We have races to see who can blow it across the shop floor fastest with a shinny eb630.

I know its better than any handheld, but wait till you step up to a big blower