New Bobcat all wheel steer

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SCAPEASAURUSREX, Dec 6, 2001.

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    :blob3: i'll stick to my CAT 226, great machine and no problems as of yet.T
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    its model is A220. not sure how the controls are set up though. if it has all wheel steering (just like the versaloader) what kind of control set up does it have. They say it is switchable from a traditional skid steer loader the that of a wheel loader.......if that is the case, I wonder if it has a steering wheel? I would love a bobcat with a steering wheel.....just don't know how they would do it.

    I assuming that A220 signifies it is the same machine as a T220 (the tracked version) which was formerly the 864 and which is the 863. So in other words, they put all wheel steering on a 863. my question then is, is a 863 really going to compete with a wheel loader's lifting capacity?

    my bobcat concerns have been with recent production. some people are saying that since IR took them over, that workmanship has been going down hill. Friend has 5 bobcats, a 963 being the newest. So far, the machine has broke down 3 times (a fire in the engine compartment, a broken drive chain, a broken track) and has a lot of 'funny' quirks that make it rather irritating to drive. Maybe just the 963, but he claims he has seen a worsening in overall durability of the machines as the last couple of years go by......even his dealer says the machines are more or less getting 'banged' out at the factory to keep up with production.

    As for the versa loader, I don't see what the big deal is ......machines like this have been around for years. It just so happens bobcat has their name on one now.......I've seen one and will say that it looks to be similiar to a JCB 505 loadall. I'm not sure, but it looks like bobcat is putting just putting their name on someone's else, or at least borrowing a lot of other people's ideas.


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    paul, No that s not it.. I would not mind having one of the versa handlers too though LOL... This looks like an 863 or such but has a much wider looking track width and the tires steer left and right.. I havent' found the ad again.. I'll keep lookin..

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    OK I found the ad for this thing...

    It's the Bobcat A220 all - wheel steer Loader

    I'll retype the ad here :

    -First Loader of its kind with two selectable steering modes: all wheel steer and skid steer, selectable from the dash panel.
    - All wheel steer mode decreases tire wear , reduces diturbance of ground and other surfaces.
    - Skid - Steer mode provides exceptional maneuverability.
    - Two speed travel option.. Top speed of 12.4 mph..
    - Low - speed / High torque inching mode.
    - Low effort joystick controls
    - 2200 lbs rated operating capacity..

    I tried searching the site but could not find anything on it.. ????

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    I have never owned a Bobcat , but I was always told they were GOD !! I however got a better machine for the money with my New Holland.. Got more lifting capacity for my money as compared to the Bobcats... Also found it has a somewhat smoother ride and easier turning, suppsedly cause of the longer wheel base.. Also found that the actual weight of the machine is lighter as compared to most other brands too... Also seems to have a lower center of gravity along with lower ground clearance, which is not good in muddy conditions.. Been stuck a few times.. Not fun.. Especially in someones front lawn >>LOL But I really learned on this machine and have had not one problem with it.. Veryhappy except for the ruts it leaves no matter how careful you are.. Which is why this new Bobcat caught my eye..

    Steve.. have you seen this new Bobcat in person ?? or just the ad ??
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    ive seen the ad chris. looks like a really nice set up. i only due maintenence right now, but when im out of college and need a skid steer, im going to look heavily into that machine. i kinda dislike how skidsteers tear up turf and pavement when turning. with this new machine, you can drive it on turf and not wreck anything. i look forward to checking it out at the trade shows this winter. might handle plowing snow a lot better too being able to turn better.

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    I could not resist... Went to the Bobcat dealer today to see this thing.. DOnt' have it yet.. Said it's on its way and will have a demo avail end of this week...

    Matt.. Yeah the sales rep mentioned this thing is great for snow removal.. With all four wheels turning it's alot less wear and tear on tires and less chance of slipping and skidding around on ice...

    So it's similar to the 863's like I think Steve mentioned above.. Only has a diff set up undeneath ... Alot wider track.. It uses joysticks to turn and steer and go back and forward on one stick and the other stick operates the bucket and attachments... Sound sweet... The guy said set up with the options like cab enclosure and ac and heat , suspension seat. ( wish I had sprung for that in mine LOL ) It's about $38,000.00... Ouch.. Actually does not sound all that bad if it infact performs as well as it looks like it will ..... Anyway I got the specs from the dealer and everything looks the same as the 8 series except the obvious...
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    Sounds less like a skid steer and more like a mini loader. If it is wider and heavier it may actually do more damage to a lawn. Plus I still say anything off of a lawn such as clearing brush or working in rocky areas will result in damage underneath.
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    Not sure if this is what you talking about but, this thing has 4 wheel steering. It is made by the same company that makes our sod cutter. I've seen it in action and it works great.

    I think they would be OK maybe a bit big for my operation. my 2 cents.

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