New Bobcat Predator Pro....Anyone else having issues?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bah1491, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. bah1491

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    I just bought a new predator pro with the liquid cooled kawi motor on it about four months ago. The mower has 260 hours on it as of today. I have had this thing in the shop WAYY too many times if you ask me. This thing was like $9, point is, i bought a new mower to AVOID any future issues.

    Coil at 100 hours
    Middle deck bearing at 130 hours
    Throttle cable melted at 150 hours
    Throttle cable melted AGAIN at 210 hours (i put a heat wrap over it to avoid this again)
    Hydro drive belt pully FALLS OFF at 230 hours

    I know its not my dealers fault, he said im the only one in my area to have the liquid cooled model and use it commericially. Has anyone else had any issues with their BRAND NEW BOB-CAT?

    Dont get me wrong, ive always used bobcat and probably always will. But as much as the equipment costs and as much as the endorse their equipment at the BEST, why am i having these issues.

    Any suggestions as to what i should do?

    I currently own two 60" zero turns and a 54" floating deck walk behind all bob cat so dont say switch to another brand :hammerhead:
  2. Mine has not been back to the dealer. I did have to change the PTO belt with a Dayco brand 101 inch 5/8 belt which was around $25 and that happened just a little over 100 hours.
  3. bah1491

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    Oh, thats something else i forgot to mention. Mine is on the THIRD pto belt. its been replaced twice. How many hours to you have on yours? I see that you have the 33hp generac, mine is the liquid cooled kawisaki with i believe 26hp.
  4. SimonCX

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    Mine are 350+ hours and the other 600+ hours with zero problems.
  5. terraman21

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    we have run bobcats forever we actually just got an 09 60 inch ust like yours its 25hourse kaw aswell and we havent had any problems only 38 hours we will see how it goes
  6. bah1491

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    should i have my dealer contact bobcat to see if anything can be done?
  7. grassman177

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    i would, sounds like a lemon to me
  8. cod8825

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    Let me give you are story. We have a Predator Pro with a Generac 33 horse engine. When we got it we believed that it was a great machine and I still do but I agree with you on the idea that it seems to have more issues than should. So far we have broke the bar on the back of the engine that goes from the throttle to governor to idle the engine up and down. We did this at 45 hrs what a crappy design to have both ends have plastic connectors. Also it has some serious idling issues and power issues when not even under any kind of load. This occurred on Wednesday of last week and we have rigged it to idle at certain speed. I do not believe this should occur.

  9. bah1491

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    I couldnt believe they mounted the choke and throttle cable where they did. Both cables have melted but only the throttle has needed replaced several times. I finally took some heat wrap and zip tied the wrap over the cables. What should i ask for out of all the issues ive had?
  10. Remington4

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    Hello bah1491,

    Talk with your dealer and see if they will contact the Factory regarding your concerns. Or go to for help..

    It looks like there have been a couple of issues that were simply taken care of after being repaired under warranty but a couple things still could be looked at like cables and PTO belts.


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