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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gcbailey, May 6, 2013.

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    I know these threads come and go, but if I get a year out of a pair of boots I'm doing good. I had a pair of Dr. Marten's last year which looked and felt great, I could wear them 12+ hours and no problems with my feet at all. The only problem was with their soft somewhat clear looking sole, the lugs wore off by Sept leaving them slick as can be. I don't really want a 48" walk behind sliding back on top of me on a hillside because I slipped and fell.

    I'm looking for a good pair on non-insulated 6" boots with preferably a Vibram sole. If not that something that wont' slide on a hill with you.

    We've got a lot of properties with some pretty steep to steep banks that have to be trimmed and I need a pair of boots that will stick. I've always liked the Vibram sole, but I haven't been able to find a pair that isn't a winter type (insulated) boot.

    Any suggestions are appreciated... :drinkup:

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    I wear hiking boots. They don't last like work boots but they have traction and are light weight.
    It's not so much the cleats on the soles that give you traction as it is the rubber compound they're made with. Like Carslile lawnmower tires. The Carslile turf savers have big lugs and are slick on wet grass. But the turf master tires are almost smooth but have great traction.

    I like Danner 453 hiking boots because they have mesh uppers for hot weather and gore tex lining for wet weather. So for rain, snow, hot or dry I'm set with one pair of boots.
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    back in the day I had a pair of Danner Mountain Lights... may have to check those out. Like I said, the big "traction" is the big issue...
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    love my ariat workhogs
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    I wear hiking boots. They're Lighter weight than work boots, comfortable, and plenty of grip. I usually buy a new pair every season. Usually Columbia. I also use that waterproofing tent spray stuff (in the camping section at Walmart) and spray them periodically to keep them waterproof.

    I've tried the heavy duty workbooks and they're too heavy so by the end of the day, my knees always hurt. I prefer hiking boots much better.
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    Brahma from walmart.

    Steel toe, slip resistant bottom (oil & water), water proof = $25.00

    Last 1 year for me.
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    Red Wing Boots, Get the good ones still made in the states, that way when the soles wear out you can get them replaced for a little over a Hundred bucks. As long as the boots are kept well oiled with boot oil they should last a long time, at least my pairs always have. IMO, Doc Martin boots are more of a fashion statement than a pair of work boots for landscape and maintenance work.
    easy-lift guy
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    I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy something sight unseen... All that I have to go from around here is typical mall and strip mall stores, nothing that carries Vasque or Danner.

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