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Palm Harbor, FL
Hola -

Saying whats up to everyone out there. Have a few questions, hopefully can be answered. Beware I am young, but open and always seeking knowledge. My questions are: 1) What kind of liscense's do I need to start my own landscaping buisness? 2) Going back to #1, do I actually need any and, at what time would I need one?

Randy J

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Richmond, KY
Someone in Florida can probably give you more direct answers, but I would say get a city/county business license before you do any work. If nothing else, you sound more professional when you can say "licensed and insured".



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st pete, FL
You dont need a county license. You need a city occupational license for every city you work in. If you use your full name in the business name then you dont have to get a ficticious name either, but if you have to get a ficticious name you gan go to and register it, costs $50. To get city license go to the town hall (in most cases). The cost is from $50-$10. If you do work in st pete you dont need one if you have one from another city.