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I like the design of it. A couple comments, the green lettering on the bottom is very hard to read, I'd try changing the colors. Also, is "Bush Hoging" suppose to be with 2 g's.
I did the same thing this year, changed my business cards this year, and am happy I did. Plain and simple, yet the logo is front and center, and printing on both sides.


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Here we go. What I said before I realized I had some stuff wrong.LOL
Do any of you that make your own cards decide you don't like them and change them every time it's time to print new ones?
this is my latest attempt.
twins your quick I tried to delete that first post within seconds of posting it but it wouldn't let me. :( Why have that feature if it doesn't work? I'm not sure about the two g's I ask my wife she is better at spelling than me and she said one. Spell check agrees with you however. I'll change it if two is right. Anyone know for sure?
Any way here it is again sorry to any one that looked after I pulled it out to change it.

sds dark brown phone number blanked out.jpg

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