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new business coming this year.Any advice appreciated!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. bigw

    bigw LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,540

    Hey guys just want to say hi,i am starting my new lawn care / snow clearing business this year full time and am looking to do this the right way and not looking to low ball or cut corners so any advice would be appreciated.I have just bought all the equipment "new",also new enclosed 8x16ft trailer with company logo that i just had designed,will be doing mowing/trimming/mulching/aeration/bed edging etc...,also bought a f-250 and boss v plow for winter work.if i fail i don't want it to be because i wasn't prepared or i had the wrong equipment or i didn't do my leg work or advertising.I have done flyers for plowing with 18 accounts 6 commercial 12 residentials so thats a start. To be honest I'm really worried because i know so many try this and so many either quit or simply fail in the first yr and i don't want that to be me. I have the determination of a pit bull and have really done my homework so hopefully with alittle help and luck ill do just fine,my expectations are realistic and my dreams are reachable!! Any help anyone from Pa can give would be great,like any accounts in the bucks/montco areas you might want to let go of that could help a new guy would be appreciated,i also have 9,500 direct mailings on 4x6 post cards set up for beginning of new yr. I figure if i can get 2% response 190 leads and land 15-50% of those i could start out with 28-95 accounts...this is going to pay my bills so I'm hoping!! ok thanks everyone.
  2. bigw

    bigw LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,540

    wow so many nice response's :waving:
  3. Sundancekid74

    Sundancekid74 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 46

    Man, I tell ya... That is a start in this industry that is more than sufficient. Your success will depend on you love for the job!!!!!!! If you don't like putting on you shoes every morning to cut grass then you will know the cause of your failure. I would be anxious to know if you have worked this industry somewhat prior to your initial investment. Before I went on my own, I was certain this was my future. I love this business and look forward to an ever expanding season in 2008. I would like to think you have someone managing your business (either you or someone else) while your crew is managed in the field. The clientel you have proposed could assume a full time seceratry/manager just in satisfying customers. Good luck!
  4. bigw

    bigw LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,540

    To be honest i have never done it as a job but i have done alot of my own stuff and yes i do love working outside and the labor aspect of it,i can only hope i get so busy that i need a secretary.My goal is to start out on my own and then hire as needed and my long term goal is to be doing the estimating and bidding while i send my crew or crews out to work and that is a 5 yr goal so we'll see.Believe it or not i gave up my job in sales making around 85k to do this and i know you all may say im nuts for doing it but i have always wanted to be in business for myself and at 44 im not going to have another chance like i do right now.I am basically paying cash for 75% of my cost to start and 25% finacing.I figure if im going to fail it wont be due to lack of tools or effort. I have been doing my homework and studing this field for months and have spent numerous hrs stressing over things like company names,logo's,business plan,vision statement,advertising planning,equipment..this is the equipment that i have purchased so far and all is brand new...carmate 8x16 tandem axel enclosed trailer with racks and E-track, Exmark 60" 30hp Zero turn lazer,shindaiwa 242 line trimmer,shindaiwa sh30 hedge trimmer single blade, echo pb755 back pack leaf blower,two 5gal,and two 2 gal gas cans,1 set of aluminum ramps for snow blower,misc shovels,rakes,tools,company logo,9500 mailers"post cards" 500 flyers,1000 bus cards,accountant,insurance for both lawn care and plowing,and im sure im missing alot of other things like the 2004 F250 i just bought lol. anyway i hope i do as good in this as i did in sales because i was a selling machine. I still have alot to buy yet and the next thing will be a toro 36" walk behind with the T-bar steering for the smaller yards.thanks for answering my post,sometimes i think people forget what it was like when they first started their business and how stressful it was and even scary and now they dont have the time to help the new guys...hope i never get that way! hey how do you like my logo and name,the concept i had was to start a lawn care business that gave you service the way your grandparents did it,you know when your word was your bond and a handshake was the contract...i know those days are gone but that dont mean i cant try to bring some of those values back to my customers right.Thanks for listening!:usflag:
  5. Whitey4

    Whitey4 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,448

    You should be able to get almost 40% of the leads that ask you to quote. If not, work on your sales approach. I sure hope you didn't finance too much of that crazy huge start up equipment inventory. Be sure you get licensed and insured. If you had the $ for all this stuff, you should also invest in getting a certified applicator's license too. Good luck.
  6. bigw

    bigw LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,540

    nope if you go back and read i only finaced about 25% and to be honest i financed the following....exmark 60 z turn, echo blower,hedge trimmer and shindaiwa line trimmer for a total of about 9300 at no intrest or payments till june 08 and then 2.9% their after for 3 yrs but i plan to pay off around 6-7k before june.also have 1million in gen liabilty insurance and snow plow insurance and plan to get fert license as soon as i can learn what i need to do it right!

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