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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Dave callaway, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Dave callaway

    Dave callaway LawnSite Member
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    Hey guys, coming into to my first full
    Time season as a licensed and insured lawn care company. I have been researching different ways to grow and have read a lot of great info on this site. Does anyone recommend using thumbtack, home advisor, Angie’s list, etc... to gain customers? Is the ROI actually worth it? Have you had better experience with one or the other? Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Todd73

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    Do a search. You'll see the topics of Home Adviser, Thumb Tack, etc. have been covered almost to death. Some love them, some hate them.
  3. Mitty87

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    Your best bet depending on budget is hire someone to build you a website ($1000-5,000) or build on yourself on squarespace ($200) and try getting it ranked, get all the free online listings you can.

    There are a few guys here who have success with those options do a search.
  4. Dave callaway

    Dave callaway LawnSite Member
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    Thanks I’ll do that.
  5. Dave callaway

    Dave callaway LawnSite Member
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    Fortunately I have a very tech savvy brother capable of building a website. That’s what he does for a living. I’ve seen mixed reviews on home advisor, Angie’s list, etc... and was trying to get a better feel for them. Thumbtack is so far the cheapest I’ve seen but not sure even if it’s worth it. Word of mouth and Facebook have been fairly successful for me so far but always looking for better ways to grow!!
  6. jc1

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    Here is the problem with using those methods. The work you get will be all over the place.
    Market by mail or door hanging allows you concentrate on areas to build tight routes. Even online you can tighten down to concentrated areas around your central location.
  7. Projectquoting

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    I would suggest taking a look at (

    We allow you to enter in all your services and pricing information and then place a widget directly on your site to allow your customers to receive their own quotes 24/7 and even allow them to pay for them right then and there if you'd like. You can allow them to enter in their property measurements, measure their property via our satellite measuring tool, etc. It's like having a 24/7 sales rep who closes the sale right on your site.

    It also captures and gives you all the lead information, even if they don't follow through the whole quoting process, so you have all their contact info to follow up with them via phone, etc to close the deal.

    It's pretty, new, pretty cool..and i think it's worth taking a look.

    The provider who can quote the fastest and gives their customer's that instant precise and online experience, usually wins the sale these days.

    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Past 2 years I've done a mailing just to the last 100 or so new home sales in the area. Print out the labels on my home computer then stamp and mail em out.
    Reason I did 100 was to get a good "average". Both years I got about 4 calls and landed 2 solid accounts. So 2 out of 100 is really good odds. I mailed the flyer in mid spring - so timing coulda possibly been better.
    If you live in an area with alot of new homes this is a good way to do it - if you have the patience.
  9. Projectquoting

    Projectquoting Sponsor
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    Just to build off what you said, mailers can be hit or miss as you know. With you can also create quotes for addresses to which you don't know any prior info, like email address, you can generate the "quote" for them and mail it out, which can be a printed 1 page doc.

    The customer will receive their printed out quote with a QR code that if they scan with their phone (or go to the URL listed) they will be promoted to enter in their email address to view your services and get a real-time quote and even purchase or pay for right then and there (since you can measure their property prior online using our measuring tools).

    Even if they don't fulfill the quoting process there, you now have access to their email address for an opted-in hot lead to market to now or in the future.

    It's a way to take your snail mail marketing to a whole new level.
  10. JLSLLC

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Have you researched what is popular in your area? Not all are the same, Facebook and Craigslist yield me the most results ATM, I need to hire someone from here to make a site for me, in time..

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