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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tyreandson, Sep 19, 2005.

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    hi, i have recently returned home from iraq and have started a pressure cleaning and lawn care service, the pressure cleaning has taken off faster than the lawn care, I realize it is the end of the summer and i have been contacted by some commercial customers to bid on some lawn care...what is a good price to start out charging, i will be charging by the job but is that done by the hour and what is a good price to charge by the hour? my biggest at this point is a church and a cemetary that i am gonna bid on, just needing a little help on how to go about doing the ideas would be greatly appreciated..... some people hate grass, but when u have not seen it for a year and a half, u want to role around in

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    You need to figure out your costs...(over head) and then figure out how much you want for profit and figure out your prices per hour from that. There is not one correct answer....everyone has different costs. You can do a search and find more than you want to read on the all comes down to knowing your costs....without knowing that you will probably not make it.
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    I would agree with LawnCops by saying that it is very important to know your costs when bidding jobs. But I will try to give a more direct answer because I know it is hard to accurately calculate your costs until you are out in the field working. I do not do pressure washing, so I can't say much about that, except if you do a search here on lawnsite you should find some threads relating to it, where people are charging by the square foot. So do some research on it. Regarding mowing, I try to hit my target of $60 an hour. I am a small one man band, my overhead is very low, and by shooting for this number I am pretty much guaranteed to turn a good profit, IMO. I usually do not hit that number, but I am getting closer and it is a good goal for me to work toward for now. So, if I think a lawn will take me 30 minutes, I bid 30-35. (I try to account for drive time from my nearest account) The $60/hr target works well for me here, but it really comes down to your overhead and what your market will bear. Call a few local lawn companies and have them come over and quote your lawn. This should give you a reference point for what the going rates are in your area.
    I do not know your overhead, but if you are an average small lawn care business, I feel $1/min. is a safe starting point, and you can fine tune things as you go. Your job when quoting work is to get as much as possible for the job, then get it done as fast as you can. Also, always use the biggest mower possible for the job. Efficiency and cost effective operation is one of the most important aspects of this business. Good Luck!
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    Hi tyreandson,

    Here is an older post that had some prices for pressure washing.

    Maybe it will be helpful.

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