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My name is Doug Neal, Pinckneyville, Illinois, approx 85 miles south-east of St.ouis Mo. Started mowing this year, after having a small greenhouse business in the country that kept me more in debt than in profit. I started mowing by accident, helping out a friend who moved away and his mother-in-law needed someone to cut her grass with her fairly new grasshopper, which I fell in love with compared to my Sears riding mower. It's now turned into a small business for me and continues to grow. I work at a Local State Prison and love the oppurtunity to get out and mow grass.

I started out using my own Sears riding mower, Lawnboy push mower and cheap weed eater. Sears mower still going thanks to Sears Parts Online. Have gone thru numerous weed eaters, and now using a John Deere weed eater that out lasted anything else I've come across.

Found and bought a very used 16 horse Grasshoper chain driven, and after blowing up the engine and putting on new hydrostats, new rear hub, and various misc. parts its seems to be doing fine until its replaced with a newer mower (undecided as to what kind).

Have found this forum very useful and been reading from it for quite sometime and decided to get online.

My business if about one half commercial and one half residential. Like the commmercial better!

Still have alot to learn, so pro's feel free to give advice!

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