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As I venture into the lawn care business I am wondering how many of you did a business plan? Bought the truck and equipment to be able to do the volume of accounts you need to succeed or started out with the minimum amount of equipment and added equipment as needed.

When I managed a Lawn Care crew for a large builder I was working for we had a Huqvarna Z rider, cheap push mower and Stihl tools on a small trailer pulled by a small pick-up truck. We didn't look very professional but being an inhouse crew it didn't matter.

I notice a lot of different rigs out there. Every thing from a mower sticking out of a car truck to some very nice landscape trucks. I feel I need to look professional for the type of business I am going after. In other words I want to look like the big boys but on a smaller scale. The type of accounts I am seeking will involve contact with some pretty picky customers who are now being serviced by larger companies.

I am also talking with a couple of companies who offer a complete package deal. (Truck, mowers, & equipment.)

You thoughts appreciated.


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I've just been at it a few months now so I'm not speaking with a load of experience. However, I just went through gathering the equip. I wanted and I've been moving towards some advertising. I'll just offer this: I think you start out with wanting to look the part and buy things that you think you need to be in the business. You want the right company name, the right truck, the right gear, etc. You start making a couple of purchases and your investment money starts shrinking, add to that you don't have any solid customers yet! Then you start to cut back and look at different variables before you make anymore moves. You realize that you can get out there and lose your shirt and never earn back any of your hard earned money. As a consolation prize, you're left with some nice lawn care equip. to do your own yard. Then unexpectedly you get a few jobs without really doing all the things you thought were going to have to do. You don't have the nice uniform, the nice trimmer trappers, actual bills to give to customers, etc. (in my case a TRUCK to get my equip. around!!!) Thing is though you work hard, show up on time, do a good job, and then you get a few more yards. Now I look at it like eventually if I want to grow I'm going to have make some moves to get my name out there, but I'm just going to make them happen when I see a need to. I'm just saying that there are several factors that are going to influence your outcome, it may not be just what you want to do. But when you get your shots - take 'em!

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As for myself, I started a couple of years ago with only what I had to do my own lawn.
I put the money I made back into the company, ie: insurance set up, company registration, certification for fertilizing, trailor, racks, shirts, signage, etc. You get the picture. I didn't want to finance anything, just paid as I went which was the best for me as I didn't want to have to worry about slow times, or the winter off months because those payments would still be due. Now since I have grown, I have gone and bought more mowers, trimmers, blowers etc. But again, I have paid as I went. This has so far worked out for me real well, since I don't have in the back of my head, What If????? Well, long story a little longer, You may have the expierence already to hit the ground running hard, as I didn't. So each situation is a little different, but that is how I have gotten only a million dollars away from being a millionaire!!! LOL --Best of Luck.


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yes do a business plan,,...

i feel you should NOT go into debt to start a lawn care business, there are very low barriers to entry in this business, and your competition will have the advantage if you are in debt and he is not.....

start small and grow from there, get just what you need to get by, what if you dont even like doing this.....

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