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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RJG, Sep 28, 2002.

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    My son and I are starting a new lawn service business. We want to start small (part-time) and then grow into a larger business. However, we do not want to be a full fledge landscaping company. We would prefer to limit our service to mowing and edging. Any helpful hints for getting started would be appreciated. Should we buy a software package for billing, what the best mowers / weedeaters / etc., and finally, how do we develop our client base without going out into the market and lowering the price?

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    You'll find about everything you need to know here on Lawnsite.

    You'll also get faster and more detailed results by clicking "search" and using keywords that correspond with the topic in mind!

    Good Luck!
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    Lawnsite is a book of all the type information your looking for. You will get some help by posting in threads and by reading the massive amounts of this info already posted.

    Your question is very broad and would be impossible to answer in this one thread. This entire site is devoted to the general question your asking.

    Since you really have all winter to develop a plan, your homework now is very important in determining what equipment you need. Small lawns, larger lawns, acreage, estates, churches, cemetaries, etc. Once you determine your target market then you need to demo a few different brands of mowers to find out which you like best and works for the properties you plan to go after. There is a lot of Ford vs. chebbie debate on mowers, handheld equipment, etc that will effect your decisions.

    I really don't think a software program is completely necessary at a pt status. As you grow then definately.

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