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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mike007, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Hi, I found this site about a week ago and most everyone here sounds like they know what theyre talking about. Heres the deal, Starting a landscape business, Ive done quite a bit over the years for myself, friends, family etc. decided its what I want to do. I have a full time job Im going to be leaving once this takes off. Equipment: a new 2615 mahindra 4wd tractor w/loader and matching tandem trailer, brush hog, box blade, ordering a backhoe, two troy-built trimmers (best troy-built makes), more shovels saws and hand tools than the law should allow. And looking for a good 48-60" mower. Oh yeah, and I pull with a 2000 superduty ext. cab powerstroke 6sp. 2wd. Aside from a good push mower (or 2?) and the main mower(s?) all I can think of Id need would be an edger (I have one for one of my trimmers but I dont like it). Im shooting for mainly hardscaping and dont have any problems if I were just mowing and maint. Ive been building this equipment for awhile but now I dont know where to go with it. I make too much money at my job to quit but I work 2:00 pm till 12:00. Should I be advertising yet? Anyone have any ideas how to start this thing up Im in management (reason for wanting to leave) and dont know much about advertising. Mike
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    Start running flyers door to door in the beginning of march. G:) :) D Luck.

    If you use the search feature at the top you will find alot of other post about this, you can get tons of info.
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    Direct mail Feb 1st, then advertise in paper starting March 1st for cleanup and mowing til mid April. I also have ads in every phone book in the area that bring in alot of work throughout the year.
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    Direct mail? Do you mean pamplets in the paper or brochures hanging on doors? How much does it usually cost, Im trying to set up a monthly budget still also. What are some other ways you guys advertise? Thanks for all of your help.
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    Let me know if this doesnt come through. I have a b/w graphic of a tractor that is part of the logo but it crowded too bad. Any ideas?

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    I just drive around town and look at certain businesses I would like to have and write them down on paper, then when I get back to my office I look up address information in phone book and enter it into computer. I dont do paper inserts or go with marketing company thats way to broad for me. I only send out direct mail to company's that I want to have a contract with. I send out an information packet 4 times a year to the company's I have chosen. My information packet includes : intro letter, compay flyer, busn. card. I only have about 20 company's left on my mailing list that I want since I have picked up most of the good ones already by doing it this way. Flyers and door hangers and newspaper inserts or just ads are only good for residential and they do work but I'm going more after commercial accounts and I only want certain ones.
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    I was in MO a few years ago in march and people were cutting their grass. IMO you need to advertise hard right now. Customers dont want to wait till their grass is 7" tall to find someone to mow their yard.
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    Hey Mike, I tired to private message you but couldn't. I have a 54' John Deere Commercial Walk Behind for sale. Its got the 17hp Kawisaki engine and a 54' deck. It has around 1700 hours and is still running strong with no signs of any major break downs. It also comes with a bagger. Also i have a couple push mowers for sale. Heres the link to pictures of everything. Let me know if you're interested. -Mitch-

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